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ETI-NET looks ahead to bigger business opportunities in 2018

NonStop X, vNonStop and much more coming from HPE, but from ETI-NET there is a bigger story to tell about vBackBox!




As 2018 begins, everyone here at ETI-NET would like to express their best wishes for the New Year to the NonStop community and for all those NonStop users running products from ETI-NET a very special and warm greetings and yes, many thanks for all your support in 2017. Even if we didn’t get to talk to you before the calendar ticked over to 2018, please know, you are very important to the company’s wellbeing and we are looking forward to a continuation of our business relationship – we really do welcome each and your every one’s  business with ETI-NET.

Looking a little further into 2018, we believe it will be an exciting year because we already are seeing a lot of customer activity developing. For many of our customers, the initial perception of the NonStop X systems was that it was yet another stepping stone along the path that HPE has laid out for the NonStop product line. Check the roadmaps of previous years and you will quickly recognize that at regular intervals, new NonStop systems are made available. But this time, there is something very different about NonStop as focus has been directed at the longer term value proposition from migrating to the L-Series operating system.

The storyline from HPE suggests that with a migration to the L-Series operating system, applications will be protected from any changes happening beneath the operating system and we all know why – NonStop will be happily supporting both physical machines e.g. NonStop X, as well as virtual machines. vNonStop (vNS) did surprise the NonStop community when it was announced but since then, HPE has provided more information and it really does look like it has the potential to be a game-changer for the NonStop team. Support for a number of hypervisors has already been announced with the initial OpenStack / KVM option being complemented with support now for VMware. Other candidate hypervisors showing up on the roadmap for vNS include MicroSoft’s Hyper-V so there will be plenty of options on the table for all or our customers.  And what this has meant for ETI-NET customers is that, with more assurance than they have had in many years, they can solidify their backup environment. No more second guessing about what HPE may do next – the plan is out there for all to see!

Of course, here at ETI-NET there can be no discounting how excited we are about vBackBox (vBB) and we expect a number of interesting projects emerging this year – projects that for many NonStop users will represent the beginning of a new era for NonStop and ETI-NET as virtualization takes center stage. We are expecting that vNS together with vBB  become a popular option even as we appreciate that our customers will be taking tentative baby-steps for the most part. 2018 will be an exciting year but it will also be tempered with caution as so many new products and features have come from the NonStop team that it will take many months for system managers to sort out the best fit for their enterprises.

Just as we have seen from HPE following the investments made in NonStop, 2018 will be an important year for the ETI-NET development group and we have a number of projects in development that will continue to make BackBox a very attractive option for our customers and prospects. Meeting the new requirement of this clearly very dynamic marketplace, following HPE’s unveiling of the NonStop roadmaps, will be a priority for ETI-NET for 2018 but we will not be stopping there – we see the dynamics of the market requiring further development commitments through 2019 and beyond. And that is perhaps the key message we would like to leave you for 2018 – HPE has amped up its investments in NonStop R&D and here at ETI-NET we too are stepping up to meet the challenge HPE is presenting to all NonStop vendors.

So yes it will be a very exciting year and you will see many of us here at ETI-NET attending the user group events here in north America as well as in Europe and Asia – watch for us at RUG events including the big GTUG pan-European event, Boot Camps in California and Asia – giving presentations on vBB around the world and provide additional customer stories. Watch for further news about the schedule in later publications and promotions but safe to say, we are really looking forward to catching up with as many of you as we can and if you want additional information on where we will be or about our products and features, feel free to contact us at any time.

Said Hini (514) 663-0501