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ETI-NET: NonStop Community is heading into 2023’s event season

a welcome opportunity for greater in-person exchanges



The NonStop community has been immune to many of the trends that dominated the headlines for past two or three decades. So many times the NonStop community has quietly and somewhat bemusedly left alone what quite often proved temporarily fashionable, as they remained focused on supporting mission critical solutions. Not for our community was the enthusiasm just to pursue a trend at the expense of availability. Isolation was good for NonStop even as keeping the outside world at length was preferred.

The value proposition of NonStop was always about delivering the highest levels of availability; uninterruptable services across multiple market verticals. There was the internet, client / server, microservices and much more that held appeal, but ultimately, with the solutions NonStop systems supported, this lack of enthusiasm came down to a deeply entrenched risk aversion. However, as the impact from the global pandemic began to lessen, it became apparent that isolating NonStop from the rest of the enterprise was viewed as less than ideal for all involved.

It may very well be a case of playing catch-up within the enterprise, but more importantly, with edge-to-cloud and everything- as-a-service (XaaS) dominating HPE messaging, the NonStop community began to pay serious attention to how best to play well with neighboring systems. “Perhaps the most important aspect of HPE messaging had to do with the promotion of Hybrid IT,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault.

“The conversations we have been having with our customers has centered on how best to access external resources in a cost effective, non-disruptive manner with minimal risk. For these customers it soon became very clear to us that, by inference, it was all about tapping the services and resources of popular cloud services providers. Inexpensive secondary storage held the promise of being able to reduce the overall need for storage even as it afforded the NonStop community additional levels of security.”

And this message of Hybrid IT has been a topic that has come up often at recent NonStop user events and conferences. ETI-NET has been timely in delivering a major addition to its BackBox product suite, BackBox Dedupe Software Powered by QoreStor®. It hasn’t gone unnoticed by ETI-NET that the upside to this new capability of BackBox leads to further opportunities to address security concerns that have proved troublesome to many enterprises. The most newsworthy of these security concerns having to do with Ransomware and the fallout across the business world whenever Ransomware strikes down an enterprise.

“BackBox Dedupe Software Powered by QoreStor® is a software-defined secondary storage platform that provides various options, such as deduplication, replication, encryption, and cloud tiering. Furthermore, as a HPE product, today HPE NonStop BackBox Dedupe SW – Secondary Storage BackBox Dedupe SW is fully integrated with the Virtual Tape Controller (VTC), said Sylvain Tétreault. “But it can do much more than just support secondary storage options as in providing safe file backup, enterprises can wind back their files to pre-Ransomware state while they work through the process of detecting and then eliminating whatever approach was taken in launching a Ransomware attack.” 

Put this down to one of the outcomes from a return to in-person events. The HPE NonStop team is aware of the concerns of the NonStop community with regards to protection from Ransomware attacks but hearing such concerns directly from NonStop users has galvanized ETI-ETI into action and BackBox Dedupe Software Powered by QoreStor® is giving us another opportunity to assist the NonStop community. “Protecting NonStop users from Ransomware was perhaps out biggest takeaway from the recent NonStop Technical Boot Camp of November, 2022. More and more NonStop users are looking for a cyber-resilient solution and ETI-NET is in a position to meet these NonStop users’ needs.”

In the coming months, ETI-NET will be present at a number of major NonStop community events. You will find us supporting SunTUG March 3 – 4, 2023 in Tampa Florida followed by our presence at eBITUG May 15 – 17, 2023 in Edinburgh Scotland. Time and time again it has proved essential for the ETI-NET team to hear firsthand of future requirements of BackBox even as the opportunities that present themselves at these events to cover product features and capabilities are numerous. 

Should you not be able to attend either event or simply need to talk to us prior to them being held, you can reach the ETI-NET team through the use of the contact information, below. We look forward to hearing from you just as we look forward to catching up with you throughout 2023!

Web –
Phone – (514) 663-0501