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ETI-NET: NonStop TBC22 delivers with an in-person event!



ETI has been a supporter of the NonStop community dating back to the earliest of times at Tandem Computers. We have been present at many of the NonStop focused events for a very long time and a result have journeyed to every corner of the globe. Our sponsorship of NonStop events has been at the core of our marketing programs and with the recent NonStop Technical Boot Camp (NonStopTBC22) we participated as a Platinum Sponsor. With perhaps the most colorful display table of all, we were hard to miss and we take pleasure in reporting that we had a steady stream of NonStop customers stopping by to engage in lively conversations.

“The return to in-person meetings was good to see,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault.  “After an absence of two years it also showed how important it remains for ETI because we had the chance to discuss our product portfolio with customers and prospects. “There was some hesitancy on the part of the NonStop community and indeed on the part of the Connect organization as well as the HPE NonStop team, but this year’s NonStopTBC22 delivered!” Looking ahead you can anticipate seeing more from ETI in the coming year as will be participating in 2023 events in the spring in Edinburgh (May 15 – 17)  and in the fall in Denver (September 12 – 14).

Perhaps one of the more significant aspects contributing to our view of this event as being successful was the sight of so many NonStop vendors staying to the very end of the show. There were no early tear-down of tabletops and stands and this led to a continued stream of members of the NonStop community to the very end and might we add that with our location near to the tables set up for luncheons, there were times when the only competition we faced was from the culinary staff!

When it came to the serious side of the event where deep dives into our products followed, “at this event, there was one instance where our conversations with a customer helped them make some critical decisions,” said Tétreault. “Simply stated, they didn’t know about QoreStor®  that is today embedded with BackBox and that Ransomware protection can be achieved with QoreStor. Furthermore, as the conversation progressed, the customer decided to change its plan for the storage and  ordered QoreStor.”  The cost savings and critical Ransomware protection for the customer met its primary goal!

It is moments like this that crystalized all that is good about NonStop events. In bringing into sharp focus the benefits of products that are part of a product portfolio, NonStop customers can gain their own insights into the benefits of products where their knowledge of the full feature set has lagged reality. They may have missed reading a critical news release or have not seen a feature article or blog posting about the full feature set of a product. In an era where all major vendors, including HPE, are describing how enterprises can gain insights into their operations from analysis of all their data, it is often overlooked that insights can be realized from simply talking to someone.

For many years ETI has been best known for our file back-up products, traditional and virtual. With BackBox virtual tape and dedupe – powered by QoreStor – they represent solutions that find their way into every NonStop system deployment. “With our Virtual Tape Controller (VTC) NonStop users can back up to virtual tape on-prem or to the cloud,” said Tétreault. “In so doing, not only can the customer benefit from being prepared for natural disasters but be protected from those more ominous entanglements directed at them from maleficent players including those involved in the deployment of ransomware.”

However, for NonStop TBC22 we also brought to the attention of the NonStop community our growing product portfolio of management solutions. These included C-Deep for HPE NonStop (Real-time transaction monitoring and querying), Sentinel for HPE NonStop (World-class system monitoring for mission-critical operations) and MQGate for HPE NonStop (Improved management of IBM MQ events). These management products are all available from your NonStop team and represent an expansion of our capabilities when it comes to applications like BASE24  as well as more generic applications and as oversight and even problem resolution where MQ is deployed.

Being part of the HPE NonStop product set, all three of these products are supported by HPE through the NonStop Academy and both HPE Financial Services and HPE Pointnext organizations are on hand to add their support should there be any customer requirements that would benefit from their participation. ETI continues to work closely with the HPE NonStop team and, with this combination of Backup and Management products, ETI reinforces its worldwide leadership position in critical areas of importance for all NonStop customers.

Whether it is to reduce product acquisition costs as was the case of the customer where we successfully proposed BackBox with QoreStor or simply to improve productivity through reducing the need for IT staff engagement when it comes to managing applications, it was all on display at NonStopTBC22. But if you missed visiting us or simply didn’t have the opportunity to attend this NonStop event, then reach out to us by either emailing us or calling us. Either way we can be reached through the use of the contact info below. We look forward to hearing from you just as we look forward to catching up with you in 2023!

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