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ETI-NET – partnering with HPE worldwide!





The year 2019 has truly kicked off in earnest with industry, partner and user events around the world. For ETI-NET, these events represent an opportunity to listen to the plans and programs of HPE, our primary partner, as well as to listen to the business needs of our customers and prospects. It also represents an opportunity for ETI-NET to make its presence felt in a manner that simple updates to web sites and blogs may not fully communicate. ETI-NET is HPE’s go-to partner for everything related to backup software, and yes –

“ETI-NET is The World’s #1 Backup Software for Industries That Never Stop”

SunTUG was our first opportunity to participate in an HPE NonStop focused Regional User Group (RUG) event. Promoting the event under the billing of being the “2019 Sunshine Summit”, a reference to the warm reception Florida  provides all participants at this time of year. Each year it has proven to us to be a good event to support as ETI-NET has a lot of customers in the area. The customers’ turnout for this event was very good and once again, it was a “Great opportunity to meet them all and to give them an update on what we do,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. “It is always a good place to discuss new features with our customers and to plan some beta activities for features recently introduced including vBackBox and our support for much larger buffer sizes (Large Block Mode) that expedite faster data transfer to backup media.”

One key observation to be made is that the HPE NonStop team is investing more energy into creating partnerships with the NonStop vendor community. This is clearly part of a much bigger strategy across HPE to engage with even more partners to help not only with sales, support and services but increasingly, HPE is turning to partners to add capabilities that otherwise might not find their way onto the HPE product roadmaps. At ETI-NET, we see this strengthening of partnerships as a theme for HPE worldwide and for the NonStop community, the benefits of HPE supporting partners in this way has huge benefits for all involved – customers and prospects can turn to HPE for a complete software stack no matter their business needs or their proposed use cases.

“ETI-NET enjoys a reputation for delivering leading-edge components to major data-centers globally.”

The SunTUG event in North America is focused on the NonStop community but today, NonStop is part of the Mission Critical Systems (MCS) business unit within the Hybrid IT organization. As such, there are numerous events around the world that are supported by MCS and whenever NonStop is featured, ETI-NET leverages its partnership with HPE and makes sure it participates whenever invitations are extended to the company. It was only a matter of a week before SunTUG that HPE held a joint event in Bangkok as part of its Technology and Solutions Summit (TSS) program worldwide that also included an MCS Boot Camp program that ran in parallel to TSS. Whereas TSS included the pre-sales teams together with HPE resellers and consultants for all of HPE’s products, the MCS Boot Camp focused on just MCS products but with a full day and a half of breakout sessions devoted just to NonStop!

“Attendance was good,” said Tétreault. “Networking was a major activity for ETI-NET and we had the chance to develop new contacts as well as to reinforce our current contacts in Asia. We have introduced the new vBackBox and large buffer feature to the APJ group and just as importantly, were grateful to see the importance of partnership being actively reinforced by HPE. We already have a strong relationship with HPE but it is still very comforting for ETI-NET each time HPE shows their commitment to us.” Once again, the big takeaway from this event in Bangkok was just how well NonStop is doing in the AsiaPac/Japan region as we heard from a number of NonStop “new logos” – HPE’s way of talking about introducing new users of NonStop!

There will be a lot more events as we get deeper into 2019 and plenty more opportunities to talk to our customers and prospects about BackBox and vBackBox. Enjoying the partnership we now have with HPE globally and seeing HPE market and sell our products through a mix of their own sales teams as well as regional resellers, including at such well-organized events as Bangkok proved to be, is educational as it is encouraging – HPE is firmly supporting their partners to everyone’s benefit. Should you have any questions about BackBox and VBackBox support for your data center, then by all means approach us whenever you see us at any event this year or just call us, as we would be only too happy to talk to you about any of your backup requirements.

Said Hini (514) 663-0501