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ETI-NET – Presenting and providing live demonstrations; all contributing to attracting a crowd!




eti nov 19 -1

There was a lot written about possible outcomes from this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) 2019 and as the event commenced expectations were high that there would be more exciting news from the NonStop team. On the one hand, there were a lot of presentations by NonStop team members liberally sprinkled with promotions for new features in hardware and software but it turned out that much of the anticipated excitement for NonStop was generated by the NonStop vendor community. This year’s TBC saw the Partner Pavillion set up adjacent to the dining room which meant attendees passed vendors’ tables on their way to meals and ETI was very fortunate to be in one of the best positions of all to showcase ETI products and there was a steady stream of event attendees stopping by to the see the demonstrations ETI had created for the occasion.

With the passage of each day, ETI was able to use the communication and networking capabilities the organizers had established to better promote vendor products and ETI capitalized on this opportunity throughout the event. As members of the NonStop community began arriving on Sunday, there was an email blast that highlighted how at TBC 2019 ETI would be unvileing new Dedupe capabilities. “ETI will be providing demonstrations of our new Dedupe capabilities and the advantages it will provide,” was how ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault, first went about introducing the topic. “It’s not just about reduced bandwidth and less storage needs, but also about support for the Cloud-teiring providing the storage for a fraction of the cost traditionally associated with support for data backups – as low as 10% of traditional costs.”

In the vendor presentations that followed, ETI was able to provide more details as we explained to the NonStop community how now  ETI is leveraging the Quest technology, QoreStor. “It is important to note,” said Tétreault  “at ETI we are always researching how best to give NonStop users the potential to accelerate backup performance through protocol accelerators, reduce storage requirements and costs through content-aware, variable block deduplication, and replicate faster and safer to the cloud for data archiving and disaster recovery.” And the message was well received by the community as it was later reported, “The NonStop user community as well as the HPE NonStop team were very receptive of our new Dedupe with Cloud-tiering offering so much so that there were a number of repeat visits by some attendees.”

eti nov 19 -2

Attracting a crowd to any table for the purposes of providing a product demonstration has always been the objective of any NonStop partners’ participation in events like TBC 2019 and this proved to be the case with ETI as it was also an opportunity to provide demonstrations of our new UI for BackBox and yes, virtualized BackBox. “UI’s are always fun tools to demonstrate and always attract attention as they really do provide the insights into how your product functions,” added Tétreault. “In our case however, our new UI is more than just window dressing as it simplifies access to BackBox and vBackbox given that it is now browser-based and as such, we are really seeing how it benefits our users when it comes to configuring and operating either BackBox or virtual BackBox.”

At a time when all products have front-ends that are GUI based, ETI BackBox will become available with a brand new UI that is browser-based to ease configuration and operation. It was time to bring the interface up to what can be found in most other modern applications – eliminating any need to deploy the UI on a workstation. “Accommodating recent client requests that we have received over the year was an opportunity we were only too happy to leverage,” said ETI Director of Product Management Benoit Caron. “For example, in this new release customers will be able to assign roles for the NonStop user using BackBox.” Both BackBox and vBackBox will feature this UI and “we are expecting our BackBox users to be pleased with the introduction of this UI.” Clearly the response to date following the demonstrations suggests that we have succeeded in this regard.

If you were unable to attend TBC 2019 and would like to know more about the new features we are providing to our BackBox and -vBackBox customers, please email us and request information on both our Dedupe and new UI features. We would certainly welcome the inquiry even as we would welcome any opportunity to further explain the benefits of BackBox and vBackBox for your enterprise. And we look forward to seeing you again at the next NonStop event even if that’s waiting for 2020 – again, thank you for all your support in 2019!


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