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“Today many customers are planning to move to the NonStop X systems and the most important step is to ensure smooth migration,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. “At ETI-NET we are seeing that the BackBox ecosystem is key in helping customers to migrate to NonStop X and in assisting our customers to migrate the backup environment to the new NonStop.’’ In fact, it isn’t limited to just our existing NonStop users as BackBox should be a first consideration for any NonStop user looking to migrate from the NonStop i systems (Itanium) to NonStop X (Intel x86 Architecture). The BackBox VTC context free architecture provides a great flexibility to every NonStop user in that it allows them to connect old and new NonStop systems on the same virtual tape controller (VTC) environment and using it to backup old systems and then restore on the new NonStop X system.  When the migration is finished, the customer just disconnects the old NonStop system and keeps using the same BackBox environment.

ETI-NET has previously demonstrated such an “ease of migration” path and has accumulated many years of experience with migrations across many families of NonStop systems. The move to NonStop X being helped with ETI-NET tools and the path forward is proving to be just as easy for the NonStop user community as has been any other migration. The results, on the other hand, are even more impressive as at ETI-NET we are seeing a considerable boost in system performance given the usage of x86 chip sets together with the InfiniBand (IB) interconnect fabric. For companies totally committed to the x86 to meet all of their future processing needs, NonStop can now play an important role – the only fault tolerant option available for x86 that is fault tolerant from the metal to the application.

“One important thing is to migrate the Distributed System Management (DSM) catalog to the new NonStop X.  BackBox Catsync is key here to automating the synchronization of the DSM catalog. “BackBox Catsync automatically synchronizes the catalogs between the old and new NonStop systems, migrating the DSM catalog to the new environment,” said Tétreault. However, successful migrations between NonStop systems are only ever as successful as the help provided by the NonStop vendors involved and ETI-NET has the specialists needed to provide any NonStop user assistance with the migration. Each ETI-NET customer only needs to do the migration of its environment just once but for many of their IT staff perhaps new to NonStop, this exercise requires a lot of planning. “The good news here is that we have already assisted many small and large NonStop users make the switch to NonStop X,” added Tétreault, “so we have accumulated a lot of experience and can assist everyone in the NonStop user community using the BackBox.”

In a matter of weeks, you will find ETI-NET participating in the upcoming APAC Mission Critical Bootcamp 2019 scheduled for Feb 24 to Feb 26 and SunTUG “2019 Sunshine Summit” that will run from March 1 through to March 2 (at the Double Tree by Hilton in Tampa, Florida). At this event you will be able to find out a lot more of what we are doing and at this RUG meeting you will also be able to find out more of all that transpired during the big migration to NonStop X at Raymond James that was covered in the January – February, 2019, issue of The Connection. Should you be attending SunTUG in March, by all means approach us as we would be only too happy to discuss this with you as we would be to discuss your own migration requirements.

Said Hini (514) 663-0501