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ETI-NET – travels continue and this time, it’s from Scotland to Chile!




eti june 19

There was little time between events for ETI-NET as no sooner had the European event, ETBC Edinburgh wrapped up then it was off to Santiago for a NonStop Regional User Group event – the NonStop Summit Chile 2019.. This event in Chile is growing in size and we expect to see a number of familiar faces from ETBC also making the trip down to almost near the bottom of South America – quite a difference in climate we expect as Chile heads into winter even as Edinnburgh enjoyed more sunshine than we expected to see. This will be our first time to this event in Santiago and we really are looking forward to meeting with the local NonStop . customers and organized by HPE teams.

The good news from ETBC was that there was plenty of time to interact with the NonStop community. For this event we were positioned well and our stand was close by to the entrance to the event’s main hall. This assured us of good foot traffic for the entire event and we took full advantage of every chance meeting we had to talk about BackBox. The most important for us was to spend some quality time with our key customers and with HPE teams.  As we have been saying for some time now, “BackBox has become the de facto standard backup appliances for the NonStop X and the Virtualized NonStop” and NonStop users are always looking for more information from us.

As for the presentation we gave to the NonStop attendees, we covered the product portfolio from ETI-NET, providing an update on our newest backup offering designed for virtualized NonStop (vNS). This is an exciting development for us as it represents continuation of our core product into the world of virtualization and opens the door for greater business opportuntiies going forward.

“It’s always important for us to convey our commitment to NonStop and to the future of NonStop even as it ventures into completely new territory,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. For ETI-NET, the addition of an entirely new way to run NonStop brings with it both challenges as well as opening doors to completely new prospects for NonStop. Who could have imagined we would be seeing NonStop at ease running on virtual machines as it has been doing all these years on real machines?

Our presentation also introduced the NonStop community to the improvements we have made as a result of adding support “for much larger buffer sizes (Large Block Mode) that expedite faster data transfer to backup media that we introduced earlier in the year,” added Tétreault. And at ETBC we asked the NonStop users we encountered whether they were “ready to take advantage of this latest improvement to BackBox and we were pleased to hear a number of positive responses.” Overall, the presence of 230 NonStop community members was a pleasing sight to see for the ETI-NET team present at ETBC as it again reinforces the observations we have been making for the past year or so that the interest in NonStop continues to remain very high and that is encouraging to us as we continue to invest in our product portfolio.

ETI-NET continues to invest time in all major NonStop RUG events no matter where they are being held. From Edinburgh to Santiago may be a bit extreme but then so to are our trips to Asia, Australia and the Middle East. And yet, they are always a great way to see for ourselves the ongoing inroads NonStop is making in domestic markets all around the world. Last month we closed with noting how the outcomes from attending all these events this year have been positive for ETI-NET and nothing has changed following ETBC. It was a great event with great content and the community showed up in numbers – our thanks to the BITUG committee for putting on the event and if you missed our session or would kust like to know a little more about BackBox (and vBackBox), jus give us a call or drop us an email. We would welcome the opportunity to talk with you about our product offerings in support of NonStop.

Said Hini (514) 663-0501