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ETI-NET travels the globe in support of HPE

With events for the NonStop community scattered far and wide, the time spent with NonStop users and HPE always proves invaluable!




There are numerous reasons as to why vendors attend local and regional user group meetings. Whether they are with an audience of just a few local NonStop users or cover much larger geographic regions ETI-NET likes to be visible wherever possible. Over the years we have covered the entire globe as we have added our support to that of HPE whenever NonStop is on the agenda.

By the time you have read this update, we will have attended the German event – GTUG. This is always a good opportunity for ETI and if the past is any indication, always an opportunity to meet with not only customers but with the HPE Nonstop team as well. This year we expect to have an opportunity to visits Germany’s famous Hannover Messe which should tie in with one of the topics of GTUG – Industrial 4.0 where digitization as well as the always present issue of data security will be covered. This is a topic of particular interest to ETI as it is with BackBox that NonStop customers turn to today to ensure there is always a copy of their data that is saved and secured for use when needed.

An event similar to the NonStop Technical Boot Camp will also have been held for the AsiaPacific / Japan (APJ) marketplace. This HPE NonStop Technology Day took place over a two day period between May 4th and 5th and included a technology day for all members of the NonStop community but with a second day focused specifically on the needs of partners. We spent a lot of effort in APJ last year helping the HPE field organization and it is starting to pay off. HPE has landed some big deals in the latest quarter and we are starting to see considerable momentum build in the APJ marketplace.

The big event for everyone in Europe however will be the upcoming eBITUG event to be held in London. This is the pan-European event modelled on a similar event held last year in Germany. Organizers have already told us that there are two hundred plus attendees likely to make this major event and by the time you read this, we expect that you have made your travel plans and perhaps are already on route. Safe travels – and we look forward to seeing you all and please, drop by our table as we would welcome your presence as we would welcome any questions or comments you would like to make.

The focus of ETI will be very much on opportunities for new business now that NonStop X systems are beginning to ship in earnest. We are very focused on our NonStop customers and prospects as these are the true end-users of today’s NonStop systems. Their influence continues to drive our requirements processes and the time spent with them helps us understand their business needs. And these events really help us connect with HPE sales and support teams around the globe. We are particularly encouraged as we watch HPE take advantage of our presence to set up meetings with their customers to review their backup environment and plan for the BackBox. But again, as eBITUG kicks-off very soon, please take time out to visit us as we are all looking forward to seeing you.

Said Hini (514) 663-0501