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ETI-NET – travels well; now it’s into the clouds!




eti-net May 19

It’s been a busy time for our ETI-NET management team as we have taken the message of BackBox and virtualized BackBox to the four corners of the world. While it’s still early in the 2019 calendar year, we have already been busy in North America and Asia, and in a matter of a couple of days’ time, we will be returning to Europe. Early this last year it was the Asia Mission Critical Systems (MCS) Boot Camp and then off to SunTUG in Florida, and now we are looking forward to catching up with our good friends in Europe. It meant we had spent many long hours in airplanes where oftentimes the views were blocked by clouds.

Perhaps it was foretelling the future for HPE NonStop and for the NonStop vendor community. Whether you read anything into this or not… what stood out for us as we traveled was there was rarely a time when there wasn’t at least one cloud framed by the airplane’s window. HPE continues to reinforce its message of transformation to Hybrid IT where the conversations quickly turn to what constitutes the intelligent edge versus what can be found in the core and no matter which way you come at these opposing ends of the technology spectrum, you soon encounter clouds.

eti-net May 19 - 2

Last month, it was ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault, who had been telling audiences worldwide of how,  “Today, we have BackBox offerings validated for deployment on the more traditional NonStop X systems as well as vBackBox (vBB) for the new virtualized NonStop (vNS) product lines and the new NS2.” Yes, it’s a message too that we will be reinforcing at ETBC – BackBox is CLOUD ready and, as Tétreault reminds us with every opportunity that he gets, “we have tested BackBox in the cloud, and it is transparent to the BackBox .”  And yes, there is, even more, coming from ETI-NET shortly.

“ETI-NET will follow the customer demand and continue its integration of the BackBox/vBackBox with CLOUD solutions. ” added Tétreault, but to find out more you may need to look for him at ETBC, Edinburgh. However, he is only too keen to open conversations with the NonStop community about ETI-NET’s cloud evolution plans whether it’s to run BackBox or just as a storage resource to be supported by BackBox. As the cloud-ready option to run BackBox is explained in the PowerPoint slide included above, we are positive that this option will generate a number of questions and we look forward to hearing from the NonStop community in this regard.

Again, cloud computing will be playing an increasingly important role within all enterprises where NonStop has a presence. Continuing to develop BackBox to better support our NonStop customers will continue to be an ongoing program for ETI-NET and it is always safe to assume that our products will meet your business needs. You just need to ask us and we will be only too happy to explain our BackBox product roadmaps. We are doing a lot of travel – prior to ETBC we will have joined other members of the NonStop community for SCTUG and then in June, it will be off to Santiago NonStop Event so watch out for more news from us about what was covered and how well the message was received. The outcomes from attending RUG events this year have been positive so don’t miss an opportunity to talk to us when you see us next in Scotland for ETBC.

Said Hini (514) 663-0501