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ETI-NET – What you will hear at this year’s Virtual NonStop Technical Boot Camp (The NonStop All Digital Experience)!





It is close to when you will be able to hear more from your ETI-NET team. While the setting will be different from that experienced at past events, what might be the biggest change we can expect to see is just how many more members of the NonStop community will be joining the event, dialing-in to what we are hearing will be the biggest NonStop event of the decade. Registrations have already passed 1,350 and from what we can tell, will likely surpass 1,500. Not since the best of ITUG events of years passed have we heard of numbers as large as this and we are excited about the opportunity for ETI-NET that this represents.

“Each year, there is an air of anticipation over what the turn out for the event will look like,” said ETI-NET COO, Sylvain Tétreault. “Always optimistic right up to the last day about just how many NonStop customers will be present to hear more about HPE and NonStop. This time, the percentages favor NonStop customers and this has us really excited. Again, from what we are hearing, more than 50% of registered participants are NonStop customers – further signs that interest in all things NonStop isn’t waning and that HPE’s move to the Intel x86 architecture has proved popular with the NonStop customer base.”

ETI-NET has been describing a number of projects that it has pursued in 2020. It is now well known that BackBox (BB) has been joined by virtual BackBox (vBB). By all counts, it looks like the move to virtual NonStop (vNS) is beginning to develop traction so it’s important that our customers know that we are prepared in advance for any decisions made to move to a virtual machine environment. Again, as with so much that is taking place within the NonStop community, we hear that there has been a marked uptick of interest in vNS and it looks like there will be a number of HPE and customer presentations on this topic.

Perhaps though more relevant for most for our customers has been the work we have done in cooperation with Quest. This work has centered on the integration of BackBox with the Quest QoreStor (QS) – a major part of our data deduplication capability, ability to archive in the cloud with QS. One of the major drawcards of cloud computing is the elasticity of provisioning whereby resources can easily expand (and yes, contract when needed) to accommodate greater volumes of data and our support of QS is something the NonStop community has looked to us to provide in 2020.

“There will shortly be a new BB 4.09 release made available where the major feature will be ETI-NET support of Data Deduplication – again, something the NonStop user community has been asking about for some time. This will be covered in detail in the following ETI-NET vendor presentation planned for Tuesday morning, Pacific Time:


Our vendor track:

TBC20-073 – Introducing BackBox Secondary Storage – New Release 4.09

Tue. Nov 17, 2020

11:45 AM – 12:05 PM PST



Fernand Lussier



The new 4.09 BackBox release will be available this month. With this new 4.09 release, the BackBox can now offer Data Deduplication. ETI-NET has integrated the BackBox with the QoreStor technology from Quest. QoreStor provides data deduplication, replication, encryption, and Cloud archiving, allowing ETI-NET to expand secondary storage capability with the BackBox. Secondary storage is considered a lower tier than the primary storage tier, and it’s not under the direct control of a computer’s central processing unit (CPU).

Separately, and planned for the following day we will join the NonStop product manager responsible for tape and the backup of data, Ozen Ercevik, at a round table chat session and we sure hope you can join us to meet with the engineers working on the HPE NonStop tape products for what could be a highly enlightening if not entertaining, session Wednesday, Pacific Time:


Developer chat

HPE NonStop Tape Products

Wed. Nov 18, 2020

11:45 AM – 12:45 PM PST



Ozen Ercevik

HPE NonStop Product Manager ,Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Sylvain Tetreault


Fernand Lussier


Benoit Caron

Director, ETI-NET


For many event participants the Thursday HPE has set aside as a day of education will be very important. Education on a variety of products, many of which are sourced from the NonStop vendor community, has helped fill in the knowledge gaps for many NonStop customers and we are pleased to be involved in this program once again. This will be of a longer duration to ensure all your questions about BB are fully addressed and it will begin late Thursday morning, Pacific Time:



HPE NonStop BackBox, things you may not have known?

Thu. Nov 19, 2020

11:00 AM – 2:00 PM PST



Dimitri Paspont

Senior HPE NonStop Consultant, Continuous B.V.

Benoit Caron

Director, ETI-NET

Sylvain Tétreault



During this 3-hour advanced HPE Backbox discussion, we will walk you thru two new features being released with H4.09 – Multi-Factor Authentication and User Management.  You will also learn how to manage a set of macros that are used in day-to-day operations for cleaning up expired tapes and freeing up disk space. We’ll also provide additional focus on discussing lesser known macros for reporting statistics and reading from the virtual volume catalog to retrieve data from your virtual tapes. We will wrap the session with a focus on Disaster Recovery features such as the Spare Pool, Copy Pool and Catalog Synchronization feature.


It will be a full program spanning multiple days and we are looking forward to conversing with many of you. Should you have any questions at all as we head into this event then don’t hesitate in giving us a call or sending us an email. We enjoy all your correspondence even as look forward to closer interactions in the week ahead.


Said Hini (514) 663-0501