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Evolving models for IT where it’s all about = the Edge and the Cloud present opportunities for NTI that will benefit NonStop users everywhere!



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The focus of NTI of late has been engagement with our customers. There is no question any longer whether NonStop is going to be supported by HPE long term – there has been just so much investment made in NonStop by HPE! It’s just as clear too that with traditional and now virtualized NonStop as options, the potential to grow the NonStop user community hasn’t looked better in years. “,” According to Tim Dunne, Senior Vice President, Worldwide Sales, NTI, he’s extremely pleased that across all GEOs, interest has been very high and it’s enjoyable to be once again talking about helping out NonStop users with new ways to replicate and integrate data!”

HPE is telling the world about IT becoming a mix of edge and cloud solutions. While we didn’t make it to HPE Discover this year, talking with those who did participate, the news that is coming back to us has us excited. HPE recognizes that it’s all about data and that data arriving at the data center is growing exponentially as intelligence is added to every appliance, device and sensor. With this model of an edge preprocessing information and clouds holding terabytes and shortly, petabytes of information on the behavior of devices, things and people – it’s only natural to see attention focused on moving data. And DRNet®is all about replicating data. No longer just for backup purposes which is still a requirement to better prepare for disaster avoidance, but now for integration into data warehouses and data lakes – DRNet®supports NoSQL, Hadoop, etc. Any DB where a JDBC interface is provided.

Of more importance to NonStop users as they continue their journey with NonStop is that clouds aren’t replacing everything in the data center. There is a progression under way where early and judicious usage of private clouds is under way. There are still regulatory hurdles in the way of fully moving to clouds just as there are business reasons as to why some functions will always reside on-premises. “What we are hearing more of late,” added Dunne, “are questions about what might happen as private clouds are considered and what should be done to ensure NonStop and private clouds cooperate and that’s to be expected given how NonStop users are taking baby steps towards hybrid IT. Perhaps the biggest questions relate to the use of public clouds as backup sites and of course, with DRNet® we can already support that model.”

NonStop is still being supported by a vibrant user community as evidenced by the number of attendees at recent RUG events. When it comes to where next you will see NTI folks, following the NonStop Partner Technical Symposium, it will be off to Australia for the OzTUG meetings in Sydney and then Melbourne. “We have many customers in the region,” said Dunne. “and I have to say, I am really looking forward to catching up with them..” Until then, of course, should you want to know more about how DRNet®can be beneficial to any project involving integrating edge and cloud computing where NonStop is present, then visit our web site for more information about NTI and DRNet®or simply reach out to the sales team at NTI either by emailing us at sales@network-tech.comor calling us at +1.614.794.6000

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