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Expanding NonStop Opportunities

CAIL Presentation at ETBC



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On April 30, 2019 CAIL participated in the NYTUG where this topic was the subject of the presentation given at that time. For those who will be attending ETBC, hosted by BITUG, this presentation will be repeated – it should prove topical for all those interested to hear of what really is needed to better align the benefits that come from deploying NonStop solutions with the requirements of business today.

NonStop has always excelled technically and there is no better fault tolerant platform in the marketplace than NonStop – but are its key attributes still valued by business? Do they see NonStop as truly meeting their needs when there are so many alternatives available that have perhaps less capabilities but enough to get by? For those interested in your organization getting more benefits from NonStop, Aligning Applications and Platforms is a strategy for Improving Business Outcomes with NonStop

In this presentation by CAIL CEO Ron Thompson, you will hear more on this topic where the following will be covered –  

This is important because we live in an increasingly on-line, real-time, all-the-time world – with a growing number of digital services, the pervasiveness of mobile, personalization, need to provide a great User experience, moving to a self-serve business model,  etc. And with the need for the organization to successfully perform in this very demanding environment as well as be better at business innovation – the stakes have never been higher!

As we have seen over the years, organizations need to have high profile, Customer engaging, applications (that are essential to the business) deployed on a highly available platform (i.e. 5 9’s or higher).  Otherwise, they expose themselves to operational outages that result in service disruptions, loss of revenue, significant brand damage, unintentionally helping competitors, etc.  Further, with one Bank recently incurring a valuation hit of $5 Billion, the negative impact of service outages on the business is substantial!   To mitigate problems and better position the enterprise for success by expanding business opportunities, increasing relevance and revenue, and prudently managing risk – the need for NonStop is greater than ever.

In conjunction with this, HPE is increasingly emphasizing value solutions.  With NonStop being a superior platform, this enables HPE to uniquely address the needs of very demanding on-line, real-time, all-the-time information services – to improve business outcomes for Clients. In addition to providing industry leading availability and scalability, NonStop also enables organizations to have very secure systems, virtual environments, be integral in enterprise IT infrastructure, support a Corporate IT Standardization Strategy, have a low TCO, and other major benefits.

To learn more, come to ETBC on May 13 & 15, 2019 ( ) for the CAIL presentation on Expanding NonStop Opportunities. In conjunction with this, you’re welcome to contact CAIL or HPE.  Looking forward to collaborating to enable your organization get more benefits from NonStop!


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