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NonStop systems have been at the heart of mission critical transaction processing for a very long time. Much of the success of NonStop can be attributed to the presence of solutions that have been developed to capitalize on the fault tolerance of NonStop systems. This is a widely understood fact; – innovative solutions developed for NonStop systems provide enterprises with the most cost-effective solution. Whether it’s for financial institutions, transporters, manufacturers and even bakers, these solutions ensure continuous operations, no matter the task at hand

This is the theme of the latest post by Prashanth Kamath, HPE Product Manager, HPE NonStop, to the HPE Community blog. It highlights just one case where solutions on NonStop are making a difference. In this instance the focus is on manufacturing and the solution’s vendor is abat+, the company that has supplied its solutions to Mercedes Benz. abat+ CEO and Founder, Peter Grendel, has become a regular participant at NonStop user events of late – expect to meet him at HPE Discover 2022 event in Las Vegas – where he will provide updates on how abat+ Plus “systematically combines the areas of planning, manufacturing and production.”

This last quote was taken directly from the post by Prashant who begins his post with the following observations –

When it comes to HPE NonStop systems, the advantages they provide in select industries are hard to overlook.

With an architecture that has been designed to be fault tolerant together with an implantation that leverages industry-standard hardware and software, today’s NonStop system is as modern as any other server you find deployed within an enterprise.

Where workloads run continuously and where the cost of downtime can be detrimental to the enterprise’s overall business performance, HPE NonStop systems often become the sought after go-to solution.

This introduction is soon followed by references to market verticals where NonStop systems have traditionally played a strong role –

NonStop has a history with many different market verticals. We have seen NonStop deployed in support of transportation, including air, rail, and road. We have also seen NonStop deployed in bakeries, container terminals, and even steelworks.

For a solution that we so often hear referenced solely within the market verticals of financial services and telecommunications, the IT industry is becoming more aware that HPE NonStop systems support many more market verticals.

As for introducing us to abat+ and its solution for manufactures, a segue to this topic then follows –

Founded in 2010, abat+ acquired the services and operations from Mercedes-Benz AG and abat+ has continued to support this manufacturer with solutions based on NonStop. Today, around the globe, wherever there is a Mercedes Benz manufacturing plant there is at least a pair of NonStop systems to be found. Its presence is in 14 countries supported by a team of 200+ personnel that have accumulated the equivalent of 1,200 years of experience in manufacturing. Key to their success has been the speed with which they have embraced modern methods even as their experience and knowledge ensure their continued presence in a manufacturer such as Mercedes Benz.

“We have been working in a modern DevOps setup since many years” said Peter Grendel during his presentation to the NonStop community. “Short software development cycles paired with intensive involvement of a wide range of stakeholders shape the success of our team-centric software development strategy.”

“Control of the components is automated across the production line,” said Thomas Oberst – abat+ Business Unit Manager, “minimizes manual intervention as it enables just-in-sequence or just-in-time production in areas where this was previously not feasible.” As such, from our experience in pursuing this, abat+ has demonstrated, “the first production use of reinforcement learning in the manufacturing industry.”

Finally, to sum it up, Prashanth concludes with –

NonStop systems are at the very heart of real-time transaction processing globally and continue to demonstrate that all industry verticals where outages create chaos have the potential to be addressed by NonStop.

To read the post in full, simply follow the link below –

Should you have missed the cover article of the May – June 2022 issue of The Connection then you would have missed reading more about abat+ coming directly from Peter Grendel. To read the article in full, you only need to follow this link –