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First ever Birds of a Feather gathering in support of new Connect Tech Forum Business Integration and Analysis

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It’s finally official. We will hold a session that will be a pleasant mix of social and business discussions. We hope to attract all parties interested in data, particularly as it applies to data created on NonStop that is crucial to generating meaningful an actionable analytics that in turn enables enterprises to be more competitive.

HPE continues to place considerable emphasis on data. It now talks about edge, cloud and data as synonymous with hybrid IT and digital transformation. It is a message about modernization and NonStop has a part to play being where mission critical applications meet end users. When it comes to data there is more than just a need to move data but as HPE describes it, there are aspects of connectivity, monitoring security and a lot of processing involved before any actionable insights can be derived.

This week, HPE’s Antonio Neri briefed a group of financial analysts and he told them: “Looking at the markets that underpin our strategy – edge, cloud, and data – we see our total addressable market opportunity growing 1.8 times from about $150 billion to more than $250 billion by 2025 as we continue to expand our business into new areas of the IT market.”

What do we expect to discuss at our inaugural meeting of this new tech forum is what we are hoping will be discussed among the broader NonStop community: 

  1. There is a lot written about data analytics – but how many NonStop users are actually moving data to analytics processes (and taking back in the results)?
  2. What is the preferred application – is it simply the data created out of Base24 that is shipped off platform? Or is it something else?
  3. What is the middleware / infrastructure of choice – is this where open will shine? 
  4. Given analytics will be off platform it will be hybrid in nature – will we see NonStop / Apollo hybrids being considered?
  5. How will we manage and monitor the hybrid – with our NS solution or with an open solution?

Looking forward to greeting a good turnout for our first Tech Forum and to all those planning on attending, safe travels.

Richard Buckle