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For NonStop community, attending HPE Discover 2021 provides much needed directional guidance!

By Justin Simonds, Master Technologist



HPE June 21 - 1

Discover is the big HPE event where company strategy is disclosed, new products are announced and customer testimonials are given.  This Discover should provide direction on Infrastructure capabilities, Cloud and HPE’s go-to-market strategy, Artificial Intelligence and where HPE is making large bets and finally digital transformation and the Edge.

NonStop customers may think that this is all just the larger company stuff but I would encourage them to attend with a view toward integration and synergies with NonStop.  HPE is doing some great things and some can take advantage of NonStop capabilities.  If you’ve tracked some of my presentations over the years you know I try to get NonStop involved in a lot of things.  As a general rule I look for things that appear to have large, big market potential.

For example I spoke about the Internet of things back in 2014.  Potentially and quite literally now, a very large market.  I am always looking for a NonStop toehold.  One we can latch onto and have that portion of the market grow, along with the market.  Back then I was looking toward sensors that transmitted potential mission-critical events around the concept of a smart city.  Things such as fires, accidents, crime and water & power issues.  The greater HPE is doing a lot in this area with Aruba networking, clearpass and partnerships with various IoT companies.

A few years later I was discussing Blockchain and Distributed Ledger capabilities and we had a partnership with R3. Although the greater HPE doesn’t have a major focus on Blockchain it is being used as a method for sharing machine learning through the patented swarm-learning HPE technology. Most recently I have been discussing Artificial Intelligence as adjunct systems to a NonStop. Clearly fraud and fraud analytics would be a great benefit to NonStop payment architectures. The HPE Apollo systems use Infiniband and could share a fabric with NonStop using NSADI.  The point is there are lots of possible interplays between HPE technology and NonStop.  Why not attend Discover and see what’s happening in the larger company?  You may see a great addition/connection between something HPE is doing and your own NonStop systems.

HPE usually draws some good speakers Mary Barra the CEO of GM will be speaking on the transition from being an automobile manufacturer to a technology company.  We all know how much cars have changed.  We are all aware of how much technology now comes with cars.  All car manufactures are striving not only toward autonomous vehicles but also toward different fuel sources.  I don’t know what her talk will cover but I’m pretty sure it should be interesting.

Bob Legters the Chief Data Officer (CDO) from Fidelity will be speaking.  The position of Chief Data Officer is fairly new but becoming a requirement.  Information and how it’s used has become the differentiator for successful companies.  I think any discussion around data management, especially from one of the largest financial institutions would be time well spent.

HPE’s own, Dr. Goh, will be discussing AI and probably talk about one of my favorite AI subjects ‘swarm learning’.  This is a really fascinating area to share knowledge without sharing customer/patient details.  I always appreciate the information shared by Dr. Goh and I believe you will too.

So sign up and join me in hearing from the greater HPE.