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Free TACL Cheat Sheet!



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Sometimes it’s hard remember TACL commands and it would be nice to have a cheat sheet listing a bunch of frequently used commands. We have one! And it’s your to download. Simply click on the link below and then click on the thumbnail to download the 3 page cheat sheet! No Strings attached.

And don’t forget, the comforte team will be at The Nonstop Technical BootCamp being held in San Francisco starting November 10. We are helping NonStop organizations Secure their Growth by sharing user stories about how highly successful businesses are getting more value from their NonStop systems…

One of our customers will be presenting at TBC and will share some key factors which determined why his organization needed to modernize the technology around their core NonStop applications. Bob Kiep provides insights on how he led a team to architect a large scale modernization project. Bob is presenting his exciting story on Monday, November 12, at 3:45pm.

We are also conducting a technical workshop, showing the detailed How To’s when it comes to web and cloud enablement, on Sunday, November 11 starting at 2:30pm.

Regarding data protection, the former Chief Architect at VISA is sharing his experience about implementing a tokenization solution at a massive scale with no downtime. Glenn Kusik is hosting his session on Tuesday, November 13, at 1:30pm.

We also have a pre-conference session on Sunday, November 11, starting at 3:45pm, which will walk you through achieving data protection for your enterprise with the NonStop system at the core.
And since compliance is on everyone’s radar it seems, a key comforte partner – Nexbridge – will share how you can approach PCI Compliance through DevOps. This session by Randall Becker starts on Sunday, November 11, at 1pm.

As we have done so for more than 15 years, comforte is a proud sponsor of the ITUG/HPTF/BootCamp tradition, and we hope to see you there again this year!