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Future-proof your NonStop applications and data



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Digital transformation is the talk of the town as major IT companies, and the whole industry is moving towards a new way of providing and deploying IT. It’s a paradigm shift from committing and investing in IT infrastructure (hardware, software, support, services) to simply consuming all those things as a Service and paying for it monthly.

HPE has declared its vision to offer ‘Everything as a Service’ by 2022, which also includes NonStop. According to Antonio Neri, HPE’s CEO, “we are entering an age of insight, where insights and data can combine with other insights and data”. “This new form of digital transformation is to build an edge-to-cloud platform that connects, protects, analyzes and acts on all your data,” said Neri. This will bring agility to applications to unlock a business’s full potential, he added. The edge-to-cloud platform will allow data to move without constraint (quotes from BizTech Magazine).

HPE created GreenLake to facilitate the provision of cloud services to its customers. When it comes to the protection of cloud services workloads that is something comforte is committed to with its data protection solutions.

While the trend towards cloud services is gaining momentum, what can you do today to future-proof your applications and data and make them more accessible and useable?

In this short animated video, we take a high-level view on what it means to go digital and what you can do to avoid falling behind the curve of digital transformation – making the most out of applications and data on HPE NonStop.

CTA – Watch the video:

Watch the Video (3:31min)

For more insight, read the white paper on how to transform your NonStop applications and data:


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TBC 2020 preview – don’t miss comforte’s talk on ‘Digital Enablement: Future-proofing HPE NonStop Applications’ on Nov 17, 2020 at 12.45 pm.