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GDPR-like laws around the world



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As we are approaching the first anniversary of GDPR coming into effect, it has become clear that GDPR has caused quite a stir since its implementation in May 2018. Not only does GDPR protect private data of EU residents wherever in the world such data is processed, it also brought into focus some similar data privacy laws in other countries that overlap with GDPR or preceding regulations.

It is fair to say that the net of data privacy regulations is getting broader and as a result, companies and organizations around the world need to review and harden their security measures.

Compliance with data privacy laws starts with the protection of sensitive, personal data. Affected are all databases that hold private data across all hardware platforms, including HPE NonStop, many of which process sensitive cardholder data. Non-compliance with data privacy regulations carries some hefty fines, which can seriously damage any business.

Case in point, Google was recently fined € 50m by the French privacy watchdog over Google’s advertising practices. According to the authorities, Google didn’t make it easy enough for everyday users to find and digest information about what Google would do with the data they provided the company. Read the full story.

It does not come as a surprise to the observer of data breaches and compliance matters that the number of data breach reports received by the European data protection authorities is on the rise. Within the first eight months after GDPR came into full effect, 59,000 data breach reports were submitted – the majority of reports came from The Netherlands, Germany and the United Kingdom.

See the article ‘Data Breach Reports in Europe Under GDPR Exceed 59,000

In order to achieve compliance most efficiently, it is important to understand in what ways data privacy laws and regulations overlap in order to optimize compliance efforts.

For an overview of some of the GDPR-like data privacy laws in other countries, including the U.S., please go to the comforte Insights page.

5 Countries with GDPR-like Data Privacy Laws

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