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Glancing back at 2022…

…And looking forward to 2023

4tech Software


First off I’d like to take this opportunity to wish you a very happy and healthy 2023.

At 4tech Software, 2022 continued the growth we’ve seen in recent years and saw the first anniversary of our partnership with HPE, so we’re pleased to say we’re in great shape. 2022 was also an especially busy year for our recently expanded development team, with them having been hard at work on our most advanced and technically challenging product to date: Tokenator – more on that later in this update.


Away from 4tech, 2022 was a significant year for the Payment Card Industry (PCI) organisation as they released Version 4.0 of their Data Security Standard (DSS) – by far the most detailed, stringent and comprehensive set of payment data security rules to date.

PCI DSS and PANfinder

It was the growth of PCI and the release of their DSS V2.0 in 2010 which was the catalyst for the creation of our original software solution: PANfinder. Back then, payment card data discovery on the NonStop was a process only carried out by the most proactive, security conscious and forward-thinking financial organisations. With the advent of PCI DSS V4, more specifically Requitement 12.5.2, the payment card industry has finally woken up to the importance of everyone (not just the most security-conscious) taking detailed stock of their systems by carrying out regular scans to search for unencrypted card data.

Why has PCI added this requirement? Because all too often, data breaches have occurred with the loss of data that the companies didn’t even know they were storing! If your organisation needs to be PCI compliant, ask us or your HPE rep about PANfinder, because it’s impossible for your NonStops to meet PCI DSS Req. 12.5 without PANfinder.

Integrity Detective

PCI DSS was also the catalyst for our real-time file and subsystem integrity monitoring solution; Integrity Detective (ID). We’re confident ID is the most feature-rich and user-friendly product of its type – and like all our solutions, it’s 100% NonStop based, so no need for any additional hardware. New features added in 2022 include the ability to monitor any third party solution with a COM interface and Improved live audit log monitoring and management.

The ID development isn’t stopping in 2023 though. A key feature on the upgrade roadmap for this year is CLIM configuration monitoring. This will be automatically included within the main ID product update – existing customers will get it as a ‘free’ upgrade, not as an extra cost options as is the case with some other providers.

HPE Tokenator

Rounding up this product update, we like to think we’ve saved the best until last: HPE Tokenator is now available exclusively via HPE under controlled availability. This data-intercept product protects your sensitive data with format-preserved tokens, while requiring no changes to your application or database. We know we’re blatantly biased, but Tokenator is a really big deal for 4tech, for HPE and for NonStop security as a whole!

See You Soon

We’re looking forward to 2023 with great optimism and we’re looking forward to giving more detailed updates at several NonStop events this year. Already in the diary are SunTUG in Florida at the start of March, ATUG in Atlanta and eBITUG (the large European NonStop event) in Edinburgh are in May and of course, we’ll be at the Connect NonStop Technical Boot Camp in Denver this September.

All the best for 2023 from all of us on the 4tech Software Teams in the UK and Australia.