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Gravic Announces HPE Shadowbase Version 6.700 for HPE NonStop Servers is Generally Available




Gravic, Inc. is pleased to announce the General Availability of HPE Shadowbase software version 6.700 for HPE NonStop Servers (SPR ID: T1122^AAW).

HPE NonStop Shadowbase is a comprehensive suite of software products that address all aspects of data replication and data and application integration and validation for business continuity and other purposes:

HPE Shadowbase provides a seamless upgrade path for Oracle GoldenGate (OGG) and HPE RDF users to improve their application availability, with world-class support and an extensive product roadmap. Contact us to discuss your migration strategy today!


The new features added to HPE NonStop Shadowbase 6.700 are briefly described below:

  1. SBMAP is standardized and runs in the Shadowbase Consumer process, and is included out-of-the-box with support for Enscribe and SQL/MP as a source. (Previously, SBMAP was configured as an add-on User Exit process.)
  2. Compare enhancements for Enscribe files:
    1. Iterative compare mechanism: This mechanism saves all mismatched records until the initial comparison iteration is finished, and then runs additional iterations, re-comparing the mismatched records as many times as desired. This ability helps remove false positives due to replication latency from the mismatch report.
    2. Compression: There are two compression methods available, either record compression or block compression. Each method creates a digest of the information to be compared, which lessens the amount of data being transferred back and forth between the Compare processes, dramatically reducing network traffic.
    3. Support for Enscribe unstructured files and queue files.
    4. Performance improvements for large file/table comparisons.
  3. Compare enhancements for HPE NonStop SQL/MP and SQL/MX:
    1. Automatic parallel execution capability to reduce comparison times
    2. Performance improvements for large file/table comparisons
  4. Additional Support for replication of Internal and External SQL/MX Sequence Objects.
  5. SBBIDROS allows users to add overrides for the SBMON configuration parameters using the SBMON_PARAM override. SBBIDROS is a TACL macro used to configure homogeneous SQL/MX bi-directional replication environments. Overrides for the DOC Writer, Transaction Replay Server (TRS), and DOC Cleaner were added.
  6. Reduced frequency of JULIANTIMESTAMP procedure calls, which greatly improves performance for environments with a high arrival rate of audit trail events.
  7. SBCREATP is included as a Temporary Code Delivery (TCD). SBCREATP reads a SQL/MP source table’s DDL and generates a CREATE TABLE command and properly formats the DDL command into any supported SQL target table.
  8. PostgreSQL is supported as a target database. SBDDLUTL and SBCREATP generate PostgreSQL target schemas (for Enscribe files and SQL/MP tables respectively).
  9. Enhancements to the CHECK DBS command to validate Shadowbase configurations before deployment.
  10. Other miscellaneous fixes and usability enhancements.

Obtaining HPE Shadowbase for NonStop Servers 6.700

Shadowbase is built by Gravic, and globally sold and supported by HPE. HPE NonStop Shadowbase 6.700 is an Independent Product (IP) and is shipped on its own DVD. The Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) list for ordering is given below:

HPE Product Names PID/SKU
HPE NonStop Shadowbase Business Continuity (BC) Basic BE441AC
HPE NonStop Shadowbase Business Continuity (BC) Advanced BE442AL
HPE NonStop Shadowbase Data Integration Application Integration (DIAI) Basic BE443AC
HPE NonStop Shadowbase Data Integration Application Integration (DIAI) Advanced BE444AL
HPE NonStop Shadowbase Compare BE445AC
HPE NonStop Shadowbase Essentials BE446AC

Customers who are already holding licenses for the above SKUs having a valid support contract with HPE can place an order for HPE NonStop Shadowbase 6.700 in NonStop Scout via the NonStop eServices Portal and specify the media format as either DVD or e-delivery. The SPR ID for HPE NonStop Shadowbase 6.700 is as follows:

SPR ID Platform Version
T1122^AAW Guardian 6.700*

*Note the requirement for a new license file before installation, as discussed in the warning above.

More information about HPE Shadowbase version 6.700 for NonStop Servers can be found at HPE Shadowbase Product Releases.

Gravic Announces New HPE Shadowbase Essentials Video


The HPE Shadowbase Essentials software bundle provides a diverse set of data management solutions to manage, monitor, and control Shadowbase environments. This video highlights eight different Essential solutions, including SAL, SAR, SBDDLUTL, SBCREATP, UNDO and REDO, DCR, ETL, and SBMAP. The bundle is sold separately as an add-on to the main Shadowbase change data capture replication engine. We are constantly adding new solutions, tools, and utilities to this bundle (please contact us for the most recent list).

Gravic Publishes Article on Data Migrations


Gravic recently published the article, Data Replication Solution Migration – Discovery, in the July/August issue of The Connection. Access to data is required 24×7. Consequently, so too are the demands placed on real-time data replication solutions, since data is needed everywhere and at all times. Requirements change over time, so solutions that met yesterday’s business needs may not today. They may require a migration to a new solution with advanced data replication capabilities, such as active/active business continuity or heterogeneous source/target database and platform architectures. Migrations must be carefully planned and tested before implementation, and this article explains the migration implementation process.

Jonathan Sechrist Joins Shadowbase Business Development Team

Gravic is proud to announce that Jonathan Sechrist has joined our Shadowbase team, with a focus on business development in Japan.


Jonathan started working at Tandem Computers in 1984 straight out of college (University of Illinois) and was with Tandem -> Compaq -> HP -> HPE until March 2020. He began his career as a Software Designer working on TMF, followed by QA manager for TMF and RDF (including the TMF3 rewrite), Development Manager for TMF/RDF, Sensitive Accounts Manager, Major Accounts Development Liaison (AOL, KDDI), Manager of the Japan Quality Requirements (JQR) initiative, Development Liaison to Japan, and finished with a dual role to support the ramp of the HPE Synergy product — the replacement for the HPE BladeSystem, and the go-forward converged infrastructure platform. Beginning in 1997, he regularly traveled to Japan to work with the Japanese team for the JQR initiative, and developed his passion for continuous customer support and product quality improvement.

Jonathan first worked with Gravic in the mid-late 1990’s, when he collaborated with Gravic to enhance and productize the TMF Audit Reading Library to support Shadowbase software. Since then, he has regularly worked on new deals, projects, and support issues involving Shadowbase products. The opportunity to work with Gravic, HPE NonStop, Japan, and build upon the relationships and products that he knows so well, was an opportunity not to be missed. Jonathan looks forward to supporting customers, partners, and driving new Shadowbase business opportunities in Japan!

Gravic will Present on HPE Shadowbase Product News at CTUG and ATUG Fall Events

Gravic-Aug22-4 Gravic-Aug22-5

We will present HPE Shadowbase Product News at the CTUG Fall Conference on September 14 in Toronto and at the ATUG Chapter Meeting on October 12 in Atlanta, Georgia. We hope that you are able to attend these Face-2-Face events, and join us for our presentation to learn about many recent HPE Shadowbase releases and new features to solve various enterprise challenges, such as:

If you will miss our talk and would like to know the latest HPE Shadowbase developments, then please contact us. We’d be happy to share the presentation with you and your team!

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos:

Specifications subject to change without notice. Trademarks mentioned are the property of their respective owners. Copyright 2022.