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Gravic Announces Shadowbase Version 6.700 for Other Server Platforms










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Gravic released Shadowbase for Other Servers Version 6.700. This version is a full release that includes one mature feature, four deprecated features, fourteen special notes, and nine new features, several corrected problems, and other changes.

The suite of HPE Shadowbase solutions is HPE’s strategic go-forward data replication solution providing customers data integration for Other Servers. HPE Shadowbase solutions offer sophisticated data replication, data integration, and application integration functionality for heterogeneous platforms and databases. It also meets HPE customers’ needs for continuous business operations, which require minimizing planned and unplanned downtime.

HPE Shadowbase provides:

WARNING: A new license file is required to install and run HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers software version 6.700. This is due to a change in the format of the license file, current license terms are still valid and remain in force. Contact the HPE License Manager to request a new license file. DO NOT INSTALL HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers software version 6.700 until a new license file has been obtained.

HPE Shadowbase software version 6.700 for Other Server platforms includes several key changes and fixes, along with a roll-up of the prior version 6.600 patches. Please reference the SOFTDOC, located at HPE Shadowbase Product Releases, for more information.

  1. Support for the replication of SQL/MP and SQL/MX Sequence Objects from NSB in Guardian to OSB in OSS.
  2. Support for PostgreSQL target replication has been added for ODBC target objects.
  3. The Visual Studio project for User Exit development has been added back into the Windows release of HPE Shadowbase. Support for more versions of the MySQL ODBC driver on Windows and Linux.
  4. Oracle database replication enhancements
    1. Support for collection of the Oracle types TIMESTAMP WITH TIMEZONE and TIMESTAMP WITH LOCAL TIMEZONE has been added to HPE Shadowbase Log Source for Oracle.
    2. Support for the use of User Exits that can modify data with HPE Shadowbase Log Source for Oracle.
    3. Support for replicating Oracle column names that include spaces has been added with the use of the SHAD_OPCOLLECT_COLUMN_WRAP parameter to set the delimiters required by the target.
  5. Other miscellaneous usability enhancements and fixes.

Obtaining HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers 6.700

Shadowbase is built by Gravic, and globally sold and supported by HPE. HPE Shadowbase for Other Servers 6.700 is an Independent Product (IP) and hence is shipped, upon ordering, on its own DVD. The applicable HPE Product ID (PID) / Stock Keeping Unit (SKU) is given below:

HPE Product Name PID/SKU
HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity (BC) Basic WSA49V6T1/T2
HPE Shadowbase Business Continuity (BC) Advanced WSA50V6T1/T2
HPE Shadowbase Data Integration Application Integration (DIAI) Basic WSA51V6T1/T2
HPE Shadowbase Data Integration Application Integration (DIAI) Advanced WSA52V6T1/T2
HPE Shadowbase Audit Log (SAL) WSA53V6T1/T2
NOTE: SKU suffix T1 <= 8 logical processors / T2 > 8 logical processors

Customers already holding licenses for the above PIDs/SKUs having a valid support contract with HPE can download Shadowbase version 6.700 for HPE NonStop Server platforms via SCOUT at the NonStop eServices Portal.

The SPR IDs for Shadowbase version 6.700 for Other Server platforms are as follows:

SPR ID Platform Version
T1123^AAI OSS 6.700*
T1124^AAE HP-UX 6.700*
T1125^AAG SUSE LINUX 6.700*
T1126^AAF RHEL LINUX 6.700*
T1127^AAE SOLARIS x86 6.700*
T1128^AAE SOLARIS 6.700*
T1129^AAF WINDOWS 6.700*
T1130^AAE AIX 6.700*

*Note requirement for a new license file before installation, as discussed in the warning above.

More information about Shadowbase version 6.700 for Other Server platforms can be found at HPE Shadowbase Product Releases.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos:

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