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Gravic Announces Two New HPE Shadowbase Utilities




Gravic is pleased to announce two new additions to the HPE Shadowbase utilities product suite in its latest release ofNonStop Version 6.500 – Shadowbase Data Definition Language Utility (part of the Data Management Utilities)and Shadowbase Repair (a feature in the Compare Utility).

Many Enscribe users need to replicate their Enscribe data into external systems and environments, usually by converting the Enscribe information into standard SQL data structures and schemas. The HPE Shadowbase Data Definition Language Utility (SBDDLUTL) simplifies this process by providing a powerful interface to convert and map the Enscribe DDL data structures (records, fields) into their SQL equivalents (tables, columns).

SBDDLUTL supports a variety of target SQL databases, including NonStop SQL/MP, NonStop SQL/MX, Oracle, Microsoft SQL Server, IBM DB2, Oracle MySQL, SAP HANA, and SAP Sybase. Typically, this manual process takes many hours to complete depending on the size of the Enscribe DDL definition. Instead, SBDDLUTL instantly flattens the definition, eliminating this error-prone effort. The SBDDLUTL feature is available as part of the HPE Shadowbase Data Management Utilities product bundle.

HPE Shadowbase Repair is a feature in the HPE Shadowbase Compare for SQL NonStop Utility to assist with correcting or repairing SQL/MP or SQL/MX database discrepancies between two tables. Shadowbase Repair works on any two tables in these databases, provided they are both of the same type (MP or MX); it does not require a Shadowbase replication configuration. Repair is particularly useful in business continuity data replication environments to provide confidence (or certification) that the source and target data matches, and to repair the discrepancies when it does not. HPE Shadowbase Compare reports the discrepancies between two sets of SQL tables, which would be an error-prone and time-consuming task to correct if even only a handful of differences were found. With HPE Shadowbase Repair, the user can automatically and quickly correct these differences with just a few simple commands.

To contact us about your data replication and data integration needs, please email usor contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative.  Visit our website.