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Gravic Presented on HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop at Eight Spring Meetings



On April 25, Gravic kicked off a busy month of travel by presenting at HPE’s Reston, VA offices on HPE Shadowbase solutions at the Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group (MATUG) to a crowd of both new and returning TUG attendees seeking to keep up to date with all things HPE NonStop. Our team gave a presentation titled HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems, detailing just a few of Shadowbase solution’s many capabilities running on HPE NonStop Systems. Questions from the audience and the ensuing discussions following presentations revealed how supportive and inclusive the group was, as attendees recognized each other’s efforts and the value that they bring to the community. We’d like to thank John Vollers, Paden Holenstein, and Susan Pridham for helping plan and coordinate the event.

On April 27, for the first time in four years, Paul and Paden Holenstein and Chris Dunlap made the trek to the HPE Customer Innovation Center in Manhattan to present at the New York Tandem User Group (NYTUG). The team was thrilled to be back in New York to reconnect with existing friends and meet a few new faces. Karen Ramirez gave a brief NonStop Business Update which outlined recent developments for the NonStop group in the industry, followed by John Vollers presenting HPE NonStop Roadmap – NonStop in the Public Cloud, which shined a light on the work towards allowing HPE NonStop to run virtualized on a wider variety of hardware. Similar to MATUG, the Shadowbase team spoke again on HPE Shadowbase software and its versatility on HPE NonStop systems. We’d like to thank John Vollers and Peter Schvarcz for helping plan and coordinate the event.

Following the success of NYTUG, Gravic headed South on May 3 to attend and present at the Atlanta Tandem User Group (ATUG), and participated in a group tour of HPE’s ATC datacenter. HPE executives discussed the march towards virtualization for HPE NonStop, different options for deploying virtualized NonStop, and the flexibility and numerous options that virtualized NonStop has available to meet each customer’s needs. Later on, Gravic Vice President of Business Development, Ken Scudder, delivered the Shadowbase presentation, this time highlighting our recent work in the malware and ransomware space. Members of the audience asked several questions throughout the talk, and we thank these attendees for their participation and attention. We’d like to thank Dale Van Stratten and all those who helped put on this successful event.

Gravic crossed the Atlantic to attend the European British Isles Tandem User Group (eBITUG) in Edinburgh, Scotland from May 15-17. Many customers, key HPE personnel, and ISV partners attended the event, which was filled with engaging presentations and entertaining extracurriculars, such as the Golf Day, the Tour of the Palace of the Holyrood House, the Whisky Experience Tour, and the traditional Beer Bust Welcome Reception. Philippe Evans, a Business and Technology Consultant who has completed an incredible twelve Iron Man triathlons, spoke on the challenges he faced and the lessons he learned while training and competing. We were all moved by his grit and determination and enjoyed listening to his story.

Gravic presented two talks on Tuesday which we are pleased to say were well attended and received many questions from attendees. HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems, presented by Ken Scudder, discussed HPE Shadowbase solutions and recent developments. Later, BASE24 ATM Active-Active Business Continuity with Shadowbase, presented by Shadowbase user Yogesh Teli, discussed the challenges Barclays Bank faced with its old solution and the steps required to switch to HPE Shadowbase software in an active/active configuration.

On Wednesday, Paul Holenstein, Gravic EVP, presented Advanced Data Resiliency and Data Integrity Architectures for Mission Critical Servers, which consisted of a “deep dive” into a plethora of HPE Shadowbase Ransomware and Malware defense architectures. Following Paul’s talk, a Q&A with HPE executives gave attendees the chance to ask questions on the future of HPE NonStop. Thanks to the hard work and dedication of the HPE NonStop Engineering team in porting NonStop to run on the cloud, switching over to a virtualized environment should be a seamless experience. eBITUG was well attended and full of valuable face-to-face interactions, and we enjoyed discussing recent developments in our industry with everyone we met.

Gravic participated in OzTUG from May 22-25, in Auckland, New Zealand and then Melbourne and Sydney, Australia. Jeff Kyle of HPE provided the Keynote which emphasized HPE’s focus on GreenLake branding for high-value enterprise solutions, as well as HPE’s emphasis on vNS being the go-forward architecture for NonStop customers. Nelson Wong, an HPE Solutions Architect, spoke on NonStop product news, customer solution case studies, and expert tips and tricks. Isaac Deeb, Directory of Sales for GreenLake Managed Services (GMS), gave a presentation on HPE NonStop’s full participation in the HPE GreenLake environment and the advantages in budgeting, implementation, management, and growth that it brings to customers.

Jonathan Sechrist, Director of Asia-Pacific and Japan Business Development at Gravic, presented at all three events on the three pillars of HPE Shadowbase: Data Replication, Integration, and Validation. Jonathan answered questions and provided insight on HPE team members’ specific situations. He discussed the replacement of legacy replication-only solutions with Shadowbase software, enabling modern and feature-rich capabilities, as well as opportunities for customers to utilize Data Validation and Data Streaming. We made many new connections during the week and look forward to future engagement with the New Zealand and Australian customers and HPE teams!

For the first time in too long, customers and partners gathered in the Versailles Ballroom at the Sofitel Hotel in Mexico City for MexTUG. Alfredo Gonzalez, Product Deployment Analyst at Gravic, presented HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems to an engaged audience of customers and NonStop practitioners. Alfredo received plenty of interesting questions following the presentation from attendees, and we thank them for their attention. The traditional Beer Bust and Prize Raffle closed out the day, and everyone celebrated another successful event. We would like to thank Edgar Veloz from Banorte and Gabriel Alvarez from XYPRO for staging this outstanding event. We also would like to thank Connect for their successful efforts. Attendees agreed that MexTUG had been delayed by COVID for too long, but the enthralling presentations and discussions made it worth the wait. We look forward to seeing everyone at next year’s edition!

Gravic traveled north of the border to present at CTUG at the HPE offices in Toronto on June 7 and 8. Henry Fonseca, President of the CTUG Board, kicked off the Vendor Day by welcoming all those in attendance. HPE Master Engineer David Jones followed up with the Keynote, clearly explaining key HPE initiatives in the HPE NonStop industry. Khody Khodyari, CEO of Idelji, discussed best practices regarding monitoring, rapid problem detection and resolution (including how AI can expedite this process), and AI developments in general, before showing a short video generated by Idelji’s AI model. Kevin Gibson, Sales Associate at XYPRO, presented on his company’s suite of security solutions and the growing need for protection from malware and ransomware attacks.

Gravic then presented HPE Shadowbase – Digital Resilience, Data Integration, and Data Validation for HPE NonStop Systems. Paden Holenstein and Ken Scudder discussed industry trends, challenges currently facing customers, and the solutions to these challenges using HPE Shadowbase software. Paul Holenstein wrapped up by analyzing industry developments and challenges in defending against ransomware and malware and how HPE Shadowbase solutions are architected to handle these issues.

During the Education Day, HPE Master Architect Keith Moore presented on Ransomware and Malware, Tokenization, and Middleware. The Gravic team presented on the forthcoming Validation Architecture and answered questions on this exciting new development. We were happy to answer attendees’ follow-up questions and further discuss the topics on which we presented. We would like to extend our gratitude to Henry Fonseca and Enclaid Pinto of the CTUG Board for coordinating and hosting this rewarding event!

The last, but not least event, N2TUG, was held after a four-year hiatus on June 15 at the Hurst Conference Center in Dallas, TX. After Bill Honaker welcomed everyone to kick things off, Karen Ramirez, Director of HPE NonStop Sales in North America, reviewed NonStop 2023 Highlights and discussed recent developments in the HPE NonStop space. Roland Lemoine, HPE NonStop Product Manager, presented HPE NonStop Futures, showcasing some of the versatile ways HPE Shadowbase is being used, as well as new features. Diane Funkhouser, Vice President of the Bridewell Foundation, gave a presentation on her son’s fight with cancer and how it inspired him to help others through his career in healthcare. She spoke about Camp Esperanza and how it gives kids the chance to have fun with others who have shared their struggle. Gravic was happy to donate to this worthy cause, and we wish Diane good luck with this endeavor!

After a lunch of classic Texas food, Richard Conine, Senior Solution Architect at HPE, presented You Did Everything Right, But…, discussing solutions for recovering from a Ransomware attack. Shortly after, the Gravic pairing of Ken Scudder, VP of Global Business Development, and Paden Holenstein, Business Development Specialist and Marketing Coordinator, described HPE Shadowbase architectures that can be used to recover from Ransomware. The presentation prompted many questions from the audience, which Paden was happy to answer. Following our presentation, Jeff Boyer, Account Executive at XYPRO, presented on Best Security Practices as well as recently released XYPRO solutions to help protect against Ransomware. To close the day, a prize drawing and a closing reception of tasty Texas appetizers helped stimulate candid discussions and networking. We would like to extend our gratitude to Bill Honaker and the entire N2TUG planning team for organizing and hosting this enjoyable event!

Gravic Presenting at Upcoming HPE Discover: Advanced Data Resiliency and Data Integrity Architectures for Mission Critical Servers

We hope that you can attend our session at HPE Discover, on June 21 at 1pm in the Connect Tech Forum at the Venetian Convention and Expo Center in Las Vegas. Learn more about mission critical computing that requires Reliability, Availability, and Scalability – “RAS” for short. Availability and Scalability are well-known and served by Active/Active data replication architectures. Reliability and data integrity are now at the forefront of business concerns, and a primary challenge for businesses to solve. They remain a critical customer and regulatory concern which are adversely affected by software bugs, hardware errors, malware, hacking, and many other common problems. A new solution centers on Validation Architectures to address reliability and data integrity. In this talk, we review three Levels of Active/Active and Validation Architectures and an advanced best-of-both-worlds architecture to maximize all three pillars of RAS. We outline several deployments of these architectures using HPE NonStop and ProLiant Servers based on preventing election fraud and system upgrade proofs. We hope to see you there!

Gravic Published New White Paper: The Advantages of Transaction Protection

Gravic recently published the white paper, The Advantages of Transaction Protection – Avoid the Dangers of Non-audited Environments for Mission Critical Applications. Myths persist that the use of transaction management (TM) software and audited data comes at considerable cost, which outweighs the benefits. However, far from being an impediment, use of a TM and audited data not only offers significant operational, reliability, and data integrity advantages, it also improves overall system performance and utilization, allowing for increased application processing capacity on the system.

Alternate methods of protecting data may be employed instead of using transactions, but have significant issues of their own. Additionally, migrating from an existing non-audited application to an audited application is very simply made, without changing the application and using the facilities provided by an automatic transaction facility (ATF).

Consequently, for mission critical data, there is no valid reason to forgo the benefits of transaction protection and audited data. Doing so is disadvantageous and puts an application, data, and the business at risk. Especially since existing non-audited applications can easily gain transaction protection by configuring ATF such as AutoTMF for HPE NonStop. The HPE Transaction Monitoring Facility (TMF) provides unequaled capabilities in the industry.

Introducing the Shadowbase Monitor for Web ViewPoint Enterprise

The Shadowbase Monitor is a free plugin for the HPE Web ViewPoint Enterprise product. Please enjoy the new video explaining it connects to HPE Shadowbase environments to provide monitoring, alerting, management, and reporting capabilities.

Shadowbase replication keeps data synchronized between systems for HPE NonStop business continuity and off-platform data integration. Web ViewPoint Enterprise provides monitoring and reporting for system and application health and performance, and can take corrective actions when needed. Using Shadowbase replication and Web ViewPoint Enterprise together creates a comprehensive solution for ensuring high availability and monitoring your HPE NonStop environment.

Together, Shadowbase Monitor and Web ViewPoint Enterprise create a powerful combination that will give you unparalleled access to your data, and the ability to make informed decisions in real-time. Are you ready to take your HPE NonStop experience to the next level?

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos:

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