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Gravic Presents at Connect Tech Forum at HPE Discover 2022





Please Join Gravic at HPE Discover 2022 for our Connect Tech Forum presentation on New Data Integrity Architectures for Mission Critical Systems on Wednesday, June 29 at 10am at the Venetian in Las Vegas. HPE Discover, the edge-to-cloud three-day conference, June 28–30, will focus on business trends and technologies, the latest insights in secure connectivity, hybrid cloud, AI and unified data analytics.

Our presentation reviews the three pillars of mission critical computing: Reliability, Availability, and Scalability, or “RAS” for short. Reliability encompasses data integrity, but receives much less attention in the industry than Availability or Scalability. However, it is just as important. Data integrity is a critical customer and regulatory concern, and is adversely affected by software bugs, hardware errors, malware, and many other common problems. We briefly review the three pillars, focusing on innovative new HPE NonStop and ProLiant Server architectures and technologies that maximize Reliability and data integrity, in addition to Availability and Scalability. We also review a case study on preventing election hacking using NonStop and ProLiant Servers that illustrates this new technology. We hope to see you there!

Gravic Presented on HPE Shadowbase Product News at BITUG and MATUG Events


We hope that you were able to attend the BITUG (British Isles Tandem User Group) BIG SIG event in London on June 9. At long last, BITUG was able to reconvene after being canceled for several years due to the COVID pandemic. Attendees enjoyed a reunion among friends, colleagues, and HPE NonStop legends of old. The face-to-face nature of the event enabled interactive dialogue after the presentations, during coffee breaks, and during lunch. We were also very excited to meet and welcome several new faces to the HPE NonStop EMEA region.

Attendees enjoyed Neil Davis’s State of the Nation, where he gave an excellent business summary of HPE NonStop and its recent growth, and also shared the floor with Ben Locke, an HPE intern. Ben is working with Neil and maintaining a rather comprehensive and advanced spreadsheet to track system order to delivery (not an easy task with today’s supply chain issues!).

Collin Yates and Mani Rajesh of TCM presented Shadowbase Migration for a Central Bank, a BASE24 migration use case. Attendees were engaged and we thoroughly enjoyed the ensuing discussion after the talk. Iain Liston-Brown gave an HPE Update Including Hardware and Software Offerings, Grant Adonis and Graham Rogers presented Getting the Most out of Your Security Bundle. Later in the event, Paul Holenstein, Gravic EVP, presented HPE Shadowbase Product News. We’d be happy to share the presentation with you and your team, please contact us for more information.

We would like to thank the BITUG board and HPE for coordinating this event, the other vendors for sponsoring, and, of course, the customers for attending this wonderful event.


At the recent in-person MATUG (Mid-Atlantic Tandem User Group) event, held in the Washington D.C. area on May 19, attendees enjoyed a reunion among friends, colleagues, and HPE NonStop legends of old. MATUG was able to finally reconvene after being canceled for several years due to the COVID pandemic. Attendees enjoyed HPE NonStop Middleware and Aide along with HPE NonStop Product Roadmap by John Vollers. The face-to-face nature of the event enabled interactive dialogue throughout these presentations and also during John Zimsky’s well-received Virtualized NonStop Demo.

We presented HPE Shadowbase Product News, which gave insight into our recent releases, as well as providing information about our potential future features and product plans. We also presented New Data Integrity Architectures for Mission Critical Systems, which discussed using new Validation Architectures for ensuring data integrity and reliability for mission-critical applications. We would like to thank John Vollers, HPE personnel, the other vendors for sponsoring, and the customers for attending this successful event.

If you missed either talk and would like to know the latest HPE Shadowbase developments, then please contact us.

Gravic Expands TMF Myths and Truths Article into White Paper


Gravic expanded our TMF myths and truths article into a white paper, Only the Truth: Debunking TMF NonStop Data Protection Myths. We feel it is critically important to address this topic because we continue to find that considerable misinformation still exists regarding the use of TMF and data auditing in general on HPE NonStop systems. Along with a few new myths and truths, we also released appendices with several diagrams explaining detailed I/O processing. Simply stated, there is no safer way to protect your critical data than when using TMF protection, and adding that protection to a non-audited application using HPE AutoTMF is straight-forward and battle-proven in hundreds of deployments. We would like to thank Carr Scott Software for its input and contributions towards this new and improved content.

Gravic Publishes Article on HPE Shadowbase Compare
for Data Validation and Verification


Gravic published an article, Use HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair Software for Data Validation and Verification, in the May/June issue of The Connection. Data replication is at the center of the HPE Shadowbase product portfolio. It is important to monitor and correct data in order to detect and resolve improper behavior, ensure continuation of proper business operations, and comply with audit and regulatory requirements. A backup database or second copy of data is worthless unless it is correct, consistent, and a complete replica of its source database or data. The Shadowbase Compare and Repair software suite provides the capabilities necessary to meet these needs; it validates that a target database matches its source, and reports all discrepancies found between them. For SQL comparisons, the Shadowbase Repair function is used to correct discrepancies found between the source and target databases. Use HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair software to validate that your source and target data accurately match in any replication architecture for continuously running business operations. Contact us today and learn how HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair can benefit you!

Please Enjoy our HPE Shadowbase Compare Solution Demonstration


Learn more about our data validation solutions, HPE Shadowbase Compare and Repair. Verification of replication software products for business continuity is critical and requires independent methods to ensure consistency between databases even while they are actively running.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos:

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