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Gravic Releases New Video on Shadowbase Data and Application Integration



gravic jan 20 - 1

Shadowbase Data and Application Integration software easily connects existing applications and databases to new applications and databases in real-time. Data Integration uses data replication to update target databases in real-time to build online data warehouses, data marts, operational data stores, and more. Application Integration uses data replication to feed key database changes to downstream applications without requiring application code changes to build event-driven architectures for real-time business intelligence environments, real-time fraud detection systems, and real-time analytical processing solutions.

Please enjoy the video!

gravic jan 20 - 2

Gravic Publishes New White Paper on HPE Shadowbase Compare

Gravic recently published the white paper, HPE Shadowbase Compare – Validate that a Source and Target Database Match. HPE Shadowbase Compare validates that two HPE NonStop databases match, and highlights any differences found by creating a summary or detailed report. Shadowbase Compare works with: SQL/MP, SQL/MX, Enscribe, and OSS Regular files, and is recommended for every NonStop business continuity environment to be absolutely certain that a replication environment is running correctly. It proves that the source and target database copies are consistent and helps satisfy regulatory and audit requirements for data verification. The paper also includes the results of our webinar survey, “To Compare or Not to Compare,” taken with participants from various enterprises.

Gravic Announces Eight New Use Cases

Gravic added eight exciting new use cases to its website. They cover a range of topics including: four on Zero Downtime Migrations, and one each on Shadowbase Utilities, Compare and Repair Data, Business Continuity, and Application Integration. We thank our customers, partners, and internal teams on all of their efforts in completing these successful implementation projects.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website.