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Happy Anniversary NSI and Roll on TBC ’17

Feels like a good time to Party!




It’s incredible to think that this scrappy little publication has reached it’s one-year anniversary already, and what an incredible job it has done. When we first started to contribute to NonStop Insider, TCM was buoyed by it’s drive and spirit. NSI had a clean and simple mission: to reach out to the NonStop community and provide a platform to share and learn about every facet of NonStop, from every corner of NonStop.

Over the last year we’ve been delighted to see this mission realised. Articles have poured in from all manner of NonStop sources offering a vast array of subjects, perspectives, announcements and breaking news. We’ve heard from the Vendors; companies just like TCM who provide much of NonStop’s supportive backbone including services, applications and tools. We’ve heard from thought-leaders; experienced and respected NonStop community members offering their unique take on modern-day NonStop. We’ve had exclusive updates from ITUGLIB, the many NonStop Chapters and TUGs, as well as directly from HPE. We’ve even had, dare I say it, detractors on NonStop! I know it’s hard to believe that such a view might exist, but it does and NonStop Insider isn’t afraid to look at this head on. And why not? As much as the NonStop community could be described as proud patriarchs, it has never shown signs of being precious. Criticism and detraction? That just sounds like an opportunity to improve or prove wrong.

TCM has enjoyed both contributing and consuming NSI for the last year and wishes it well for the years to come. We are proud to have been a part of this magazine’s journey as it grows into a respected and valued member of the NonStop community.

Indeed, we have a soft-spot for the ‘scrappy’. It wasn’t all that long ago that TCM was just that: a tiny spec of an organisation providing NonStop services to a single customer, but one hungry to do more. From humble beginnings, TCM scrapped and fought, always looking to better the depth, breadth and quality of the services on offer. Now twenty years later, that hard work is paying dividends. TCM has expanded both it’s services and it’s reach with our NonStop Centre of Excellence and Cloud-Based NonStop solutions – capable of servicing every corner of the globe. Even relatively recently, this global capacity would have seemed unfathomable, with the focus being on local/onsite solutions. But with major strides in communications technology, online security and a changing mindset which looks more favourable on virtual teams and flexible remote-working, TCM has manoeuvred to take advantage, unlocking international markets in the process.

The obvious advantage of this new approach is increasing opportunities to develop new business, but the unexpected benefit is that we are now encouraged to attend more international NonStop events, including the NonStop equivalent of Woodstock or Glastonbury – NonStop Technical Bootcamp! As you can witness in our glowing reports of past visits to the bootcamp, TCM is a big fan of TBC. The scale of it is quite incredible, given it’s dedication to what is a niche technology. But what a niche. We’ve mentioned countless times that NonStop today is a symbiosis of Technology and Community, and TBC is where we get to see the whole picture. TBC is a wonderful event that combines education, enjoyment and a great chance to connect with like-minded NonStoppers. As always, TCM will provide some our famous Scotch hospitality, which may aid in the enjoyment and connecting part, although perhaps not so much with the education side of things!

TCM’s focus this year is on migrations. It certainly is migration season, with the current range of new NonStop systems offering numerous cost, performance and scale advantages. We are seeing a massive upswing in Customers looking to migrate to the latest technology and are on hand to offer support through this time. We hope to speak to many organisations about how TCM can support their systems and applications during this sensitive time, ensuring complete stability and that you get the most from your shiny new NonStop. And of course, added to that, we’ll be promoting our flexible, Cloud-Based NonStop solutions: bringing the hardest to find NonStop services to the hardest to reach parts of the World.

So, if you want to talk about NonStop services, or just fancy a wee dram of Glenrothes’ finest, drop by and speak to TCM.

Again, congratulations to NSI on reaching the 1 year mark, and looking forward to seeing everyone at TBC!