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Hewlett Packard Enterprise and 4tech Software sign global sales, distribution and support partnership agreement

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London, 27th October 2021. For over a decade 4tech Software Limited (4tech) has been a Business, Alliance and Technology partner with Hewlett Packard Enterprise (HPE). Today we’re pleased to share news of a strengthening of that partnership by announcing HPE as our primary global sales, distribution and support partner.

4tech’s existing security/compliance solutions; PANfinder and Integrity Detective will be available via your HPE NonStop representative with immediate effect, with support via HPE’s excellent GNSC service as you would expect.

Our solutions offer functionality not previously
available from HPE, so we’re confident that
with HPE’s endorsement, it will remove
the barrier that some customers have when
considering specialist software solutions
from smaller, younger companies. So it should
open our products up to a wider audience.

PANfinder (PF) is the cornerstone of any PCI-DSS compliance project. PF has consistently located sensitive payment card data being inadvertently stored outside of defined cardholder data environments. After its initial reports and remedial actions being carried out, PF continually searches HPE NonStop servers for readable sensitive payment card data, highlighting problems as they occur and providing valuable proof of ongoing compliance.

Integrity Detective (ID) is the most comprehensive file and subsystem configuration integrity monitor available for the HPE NonStop today. ID provides continuous (real-time) monitoring and reporting of your HPE NonStop files, objects and subsystem configurations. So if something changes and your system security is compromised, an alert will be generated and you’ll be able to take immediate action.

“I don’t want people to think HPE is simply offering alternatives to existing solutions with this partnership” said Sean Bicknell, Sales Director, 4tech, “with HPE offering 4tech’s solutions, they’re adding products with functionality never previously available via HPE. NonStop users will now find it even easier to improve security on their NonStops with 4tech’s best of breed products.”

At 4tech we’ve always been far more about creating great
software solutions than having a great sales team,
so it’s hopefully a good fit for both companies.

Although 4tech is now into its 12th year in business,
we’re still seen as the young pups by some –
possibly justified because I believe we’re still
the youngest business in the NonStop field

“4tech’s solutions have been developed with the end user and their specific job function in mind” added Greg Swedosh, Technical Support Director and CISO at 4tech, “our solutions are quick and easy to install and configure, with exactly the right level of functionality to allow you to effectively do your job, while quickly achieving regulatory compliance.”

To read more about 4tech, visit our web site –

and should you have any questions or would simply like to know more about how best we can help you, we welcome any requests you may have and can be reached via –