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Highlights of comforte’s participation at the HPE NonStop Chile Event 2024 in Santiago de Chile



Raul Toro – the winner of the comforte raffle prize and comforte’s Gustavo Martinez, Cesar Pizarro

The HPE NonStop Chile (aka LATUG) event held on January 17, 2024, at the Hotel NH Collection in Santiago de Chile, marked a significant milestone for comforte, as we had the opportunity to connect with attendees, share insights, and learn from discussions. After a hiatus due to the pandemic, this gathering was especially meaningful as it allowed us to engage with industry professionals face-to-face, fostering valuable conversations and networking opportunities.

Reconnecting and Building Relationships – For many of us, this event was the first in-person meeting since the last LATUG event in 2019. The intimate setting provided the perfect environment for attendees to reconnect and for newcomers to meet the comforte team of Cesar Pizzaro and Gustavo Martinez. With representatives from six organizations and support from eight vendors, the event facilitated meaningful interactions and laid the foundation for future collaborations.

Key Topics of Discussion – Throughout the event, discussions revolved around pressing challenges in data security, including compliance with PCI DSS 4.0 and PII regulations. These conversations underscored the importance of data-centric security strategies and highlighted comforte’s role in addressing these challenges effectively (please see the Data Security Platform Solution brief – download at the end of this post). Additionally, there was a notable interest in the newly formed comforte LATAM team, reflecting the growing demand for data security solutions in the region.

Presentation and Engagement – During Cesar’s presentation titled “Accelerating Business Outcomes with Data-Centric Security Strategy,” we introduced comforte’s solutions to NonStop users, emphasizing our ability to address key use cases such as PCI DSS 4.0 and PII compliance. The presentation sparked engaging discussions during breakout sessions, with attendees sharing insights and exploring opportunities to expand from NonStop to cloud initiatives.

Raffle Winner and Light-hearted Moments: A highlight of the event was the raffle draw, where Raul Toro, a Systems Engineer from Centro de Compensaciones Automatizado de Chile, SA, emerged as the lucky winner of comforte’s raffle. Adding to the excitement, Raul also won another raffle from a different vendor, showcasing his luck and bringing a touch of humour to the event.

Looking Ahead: The positive feedback received through a post-event survey affirmed the success of the LATUG event, with attendees expressing enthusiasm for future editions and suggesting expansion to include other countries. As comforte, we are thrilled by the opportunity to continue participating in LATUG events, fostering collaboration, and driving innovation in data security across Latin America.

Conclusion: The LATUG event in Santiago de Chile provided a platform for meaningful interactions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration among industry professionals. From addressing pressing challenges in data security to fostering new relationships, the event encapsulated the spirit of innovation and partnership. As we look ahead to future editions, we remain committed to driving positive change and delivering value to our customers and partners across the region.

Learn more about data-centric security by comforte.

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