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How to Prove your Target Matches the Source in an Audit – and Not Panic!




If you (or your boss!) worry even a little bit at the thought of your databases being out of sync, then HPE Shadowbase Compare for NonStop databases is for you.

Oversight for replication products and business continuity is critical and requires independent methods to ensure the consistency between databases even while they are open by the application and actively being updated. HPE Shadowbase Compare provides proof for regulatory data validation compliance and auditors, and can also correct SQL databases via its Repair feature when data discrepancies are found (by using several different methods).

HPE Shadowbase Compare / HPE Shadowbase Repair can be used:

HPE Shadowbase Compare and HPE Shadowbase Repair join a number of optional utilities now available from Gravic. These include:

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HPE Shadowbase Team Presents at SunTUG

At this event in Tampa, we enjoyed talking with the local HPE NonStop users, presenting HPE Shadowbase Use Cases, meeting with HPE personnel, and learning what updates the other vendors are talking about. Karen Copeland opened the show with HPE NonStop Strategy and the Migration to x86. Each vendor ran out of give-a-ways in the first two hours of the show due to the high number of attendees! Special thanks to Pat Hill and Teri Sears for coordinating the event. We also wanted to wish a “Happy Birthday” to Theresa Norton and Mark Flanigan of HPE! Congratulations to Mauricio Bermudez of Chase Paymentech for winning our Beats earbud headphones prize.

For more information, please visit: