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HPE is making a bigger play in the world of AI

Craig Lawrence


Craig - Aug 2020

TURN DATA INTO EFFICIENCY AND COMPETITIVE EDGE WITH AI just happens to be among the latest articles published by HPE. It is encouraging to read, as the real benefits of AI are already being enjoyed by many sectors including Logistics, Healthcare, Finance, Manufacturing, Transport and Language.

Logistics includes the shipping and delivery of many items around the world.  Let’s consider something we don’t see every day but we know goes on.  AI manages the container terminals of major ports around the world, where automation controls the loading and unloading of goods.  The delivery of goods to your door from your favourite e-commerce provider has to be done in the most logical and time-effective manner; this used to be known as the travelling salesman algorithm.

Now AI is doing this, and can compute millions of different possibilities before recommending the most effective route.  Logistics are an essential arm of e-commerce delivery, and as supermarkets are learning, their online business is critical to their survival.

Let’s consider Healthcare. But surely you’d say health is way too important to trust to computers, let alone AI.  Well, sorry but we are already here. My attention this week was drawn to the analysis of the human heart.  MRI scans can take beautiful pictures of these and rotate them in 3D for humans to evaluate.  AI is proving itself to be a useful tool even in this domain.  Tests are showing that AI can more accurately evaluate the results of heart scans; they spot things that human doctors can miss; and they’ve seen thousands of hearts before, and unlike doctors, these machines don’t get tired.

Finance too is increasingly deploying AI to analyse data, manage computer networks, anticipate when systems need help, and take the necessary corrective action.  AI has been used in fraud management systems for years now.  Fraud and compliance systems have limited time-budgets in which to make their decisions, but they do so increasingly without the intervention of a human being.

Autonomous vehicles are increasingly being used to move goods and people around campus environments.  Their mainstream days on the highway are not that far away. In the world of manufacturing, AI is increasingly being deployed to identify manufacturing flaws – IoT cameras with can spot problems early on in the process, reducing the costs of failures.

Predictive maintenance is another area where, through AI systems, manufacturers can draw conclusions regarding a machine’s condition and detect irregularities and potential failures before they occur, improving productivity.  Interesting that Germany remains the largest NonStop user base for manufacturing and these process control systems are generating the streams of data from IoT devices to help keep the vehicles coming off the production lines.

Have you tried talking to your device of choice recently?  Into Alexa?  Into your favourite Word processing application, your car, or your iThing?  Speech and Language processing is already so much more advanced than it was 5 years ago, and its penetration into our lives will only increase. I already cannot imagine life without Alexa, but please don’t tell the wife.

NonStop will continue to be an active provider of data from its systems into the heart of AI Engines.  NonStop may not be the obvious home of an AI Engine, but for as long as it’s engaged in the world of OLTP, surrounding AI infrastructure will want its data feeds to help keep the lights on.

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