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HPE & Lusis Partnership offers Greenlake for Retail Payment Systems

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Lusis Jul 21 - 1

As organizations continue to look for ways to modernize their payment system experience, Lusis is proud to partner with HPE to offer a new solution, HPE GreenLake for Retail Payment Systems. With this solution, customers benefit from the benefits of Lusis TANGO – complete payment solutions, pay per transaction, a platform that supports contactless payments, and easy to maintain compliance – all with the cloud experience. This builds on the momentum and market footprint for the HPE GreenLake cloud platform which today serves hundreds of banks and financial institutions around the world.

HPE GreenLake is a secure, worry-free, consumption-based cloud infrastructure service with full remote management. It simplifies and automates tasks resulting in an improved business responsiveness to new opportunities. Like the alternate Cloud Infrastructure providers, GreenLake provides a choice of Windows or Linux platforms. However, GreenLake also offers HPE’s proven Virtualised NonStop software. Importantly, this provides GreenLake customers with a unique competitive advantage of the highest service availability for Retail payments processing.

Lusis jUL 21 - 2

“Partnering with HPE has been a critical part of our growth and success as we expand into international markets,” said Philippe Préval, President and CEO, Lusis. “And today, four of the ten biggest banks in the world are using Lusis payment systems. As more of our clients seek out cloud features and services on demand, HPE GreenLake allows us to offer them our world-class payment solution, delivered as a service, wherever their apps and data reside.”

Learn more about the new HPE GreenLake for Payments solution and watch the video by visiting