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HPE: News from the very top …

The Next Big Thing is … The Intelligent Edge



HPE: News from the very top …

This is the first article of a series that will focus on articles and interviews featuring HPE CEO, Antonio Neri. After all, when it comes to the topic of vision, strategy and markets, who’s better placed to describe the HPE big picture than Neri!

What follows here is a post this past week by Neri to the LinkedIn blog, Pulse, that is well worth reading and yes, absorbing too as it not only paints the bigger picture but opens the doors to many more conversations across the NonStop community:



The Next Big Thing is … The Intelligent Edge
Antonio Neri

The tech community is constantly searching for the answer to an age-old question: What’s the next big thing?

This question was the driving theme of today’s annual meeting of the Wall Street Journal CIO network in San Francisco, where I was interviewed by Sara Castellanos, who covers – what else? – emerging technologies. Our discussion prompted me to build on that topic here.

We are currently in the opening stages of what will be one of the biggest revolutions the world has ever seen. And, it is being driven by what we like to call the Intelligent Edge.

Simply put, the “edge” is the world outside the data center, and it is where digital transformation begins. It’s where enterprises interact with their customers, where employees come together, and where companies manufacture their products. Today, we are seeing a data-powered revolution happening at the edge as customers capture, analyze and act upon the unprecedented amount of data being created to drive their businesses. By bringing connectivity and intelligence to the edge, we are seeing companies create new business models, drive new levels of productivity and transform their customer experience. We are only scratching the surface of how the intelligent edge will transform our world.

But the Intelligent Edge doesn’t stand alone. We live in a hybrid world – the IT estate has to span from the edge to the core to the cloud because the power is in the data and you have to connect and secure all of it.

The challenge in this future is that the volume of data being created will soon outstrip our ability to capture, analyze and act on it. This intelligent environment will require a platform that is open, simple, automated and secure. This is exactly why we’re advancing our vision of Memory-Driven Computing. As I told Sara, researchers at DZNE, a German academic research institution, are using HPE’s pioneering memory-driven architecture to clear the computational bottlenecks that have hindered genomics and medical research into possible causes and cures for Alzheimer’s disease. So far, the new computer has reduced the time required to process algorithms for genomics data by … 100 times! That’s a breathtaking improvement in speed.

What can you expect to see next? Remember the first time you heard about the possibility of an autonomous vehicle? Or how revolutionary AI and blockchain could be? Now think about what could happen when IT leaders apply real-time intelligence to retailing, sports arenas, medical facilities, college campuses, transportation systems and smart cities. No doubt, we’ll achieve higher productivity, mesmerizing customer experiences and change the way we live. In every industry, every city, everywhere.

I’m an engineer, and I can’t recall a more exciting time. We’re on the “edge” of a technology-driven revolution.

Make that, an Intelligent Edge.

Published on LinkedIn, March 7, 2018