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HPE NonStop Community – preparing for The NonStop All Digital Experience!

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The NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) is now only weeks away before it kicks off. Once again, our attention will be drawn to all things NonStop! Given the continued presence of the global pandemic changes have been made. TBC has been rebranded The NonStop All Digital Experience with free registrations being accepted. There will be challenges to overcome in taking on a digital approach but it’s already becoming clear that the NonStop community is supporting this year’s event in numbers that are very encouraging.

As the new branding suggests, The NonStop All Digital Experience will be virtual this year. It will run from November 16 – 18, 2020, with an additional day of education on November 19 that is being hosted by the NonStop Academy. The event is free to everyone wherever they may be located – no need to make any travel arrangements – but you do need to register in order to participate. Technology will be playing an important role as all attendees will be able to interact with speakers and exhibiting vendors. Watch for more information about this as we get closer to the date.

More impressive yet is that the event will consist of broadcasted sessions – live and recorded – with an On-Demand library of recorded sessions, including those that were broadcast live. These broadcasted sessions will not be just for consumption by those in America but will be broadcast to all five regions in their time zones, with some presentations being given in the language of the region: US, Europe, Japan, Latin America and Asia/Pacific. This is a marked change from TBCs of the past and opens the door to more members of the NonStop community than ever before. The NonStop team will have their hands full in pulling off this feat but indications are that they will manage to do so – maybe there will be some surprises install for us all when it comes to socializing and networking while online in the virtual NonStop world!

If you have been following NonStop-focused groups on LinkedIn you would have seen the promotion of my September 15, 2020 post to the NonStop community blog, Real Time View, then you will have seen some of the updates and promotions already making their way into social media –

From Iain Liston-Brown, Presales Consultant at HPE Ltd, we have read how:

This will be a great event and there’s no charge for delegate registration either! Expect to see live talks in 4 different time zones and an on-demand catch-up facility. There should be tracks for Application / Database / DevOps, Security, Business Continuity, Platform, System Management, Virtualisation /As a Service as well as Vendor booths, Chat Sessions and an Education day. Details will be available here:

To which Iain later added:

You would not believe how many delegates who have registered never registered for any TBC or Connect events before

Stacie Neall, Managing Editor The Connection added her own voice to the comments being posted:

Over 60% customer registrations. 600 registrations total! Many 1st timers!

And from Karen Copeland, Manager HPE NonStop Product Management, we received the following update:

Yes indeed gentlemen, it’s actually 6 Geographies if you count the U.S. Across three days starting 11/16 – 11/18 with an added bonus Education Day on 11/19, we’ll have two simultaneous tracks in the U.S., a track for Europe, a track for Latin America, a track for Japan, a track for Asia Pacific and Australia as well as a special track for India.

In some geos, talks will be translated LIVE for the audience. All talks will be recorded and many others will be available in the On Demand library which will grow during the event. AND IT’S ALL FREE to registered participants. We are adding nearly a 100 registrants a week at this point. Only NonStop teamwork can pull an event like this together!

Whether you work remotely from your home office or simply squirrel yourself away in a corner of your favorite Starbucks, you will be able to participate in this year’s event. The agenda is being set very quickly now and the NonStop team expects to see something on the NonStop TBC website very soon. Look for it; stay informed; set aside time and, most important of all? Don’t forget to register!