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HNC Jan 20 - 1

When it comes time to measure success, or otherwise, there are some clear cut indications that all is going well. Or isn’t, as the case might be. Fine tuning marketing plans to meet a changing business landscape is never ending. And yet, with a little insight businesses can see success come their way. As we look at 2020 it’s hard to escape the connection between 2020 and Vision – when it comes to gaining insights all of us would like to experience the clarity that comes with 20/20 vision.

As the picture above depicts so well, it takes 20/20 vision to see the trees from the forest which for business in the twenty first century is just as important as seeing the forest through the trees. For HPE one thing is becoming very clear; looking past clouds and at the applications has become a priority. According to a December 23, 2019, article published in the UK digital paper, The Register, in an interview they conducted with HPE CEO Antonio Neri, perhaps cloud computing isn’t the panacea many business thought that it would be just a decade ago.

In the article, HPE goes on the warpath, seeks to scalp AWS over vendor lock-in, two observations made by Neri and covered in the article really stand out. Frist up, Neri tells the reporter that that contrary to early claims from the likes of AWS, the cloud is not democratizing IT, nor is it an open environment, just the latest form of vendor lock-in. Second, according to Neri, is that HPE has bet the farm on edge computing, and is directing 75 per cent of its R&D spending over the next few years to develop further innovations that let clients capture, analyze and use real time data at the edge rather than sending it all down the pipes to a cloud, which could be prohibitively expensive and relatively slow.

As for a direct quote, one simply jumps from the page and it might take a while to sink in, but then again, it will play well to the NonStop community:

“But even then we run on an open-source Linux solution, so I think the reality is you have to define what lock-in means. In my view of HPE, that is a definition of optimizing a stack for a specific workload, which is to provide the best possible experience for the lowest possible cost, from silicon all the way to the management layer of that infrastructure, all the way to the PaaS, potentially. And that can be a full stack of HPE. I don’t call that lock-in because we are trying to do the right thing.”

Optimizing for a specific workload? Clearly, mission critical transaction processing qualifies because running it on NonStop is, as we are always quick to highlight, doing the right thing. However, this opens up a mighty chasm that has to be crossed and it’s all about marketing and the message HPE needs to convey – HPE has gained more than a little insight into the needs of business for secure, scalable, always on mission critical systems and with this, Neri has legitimized NonStop to all – inside HPE and out! And this is only the start of HPE fine-tuning its messaging for NonStop!

One metric we should all agree upon, when it comes to whether or not NonStop is attracting HPE attention, given the above statements by Neri is the amount of dollars HPE is spending on marketing. In 2019 we saw more funding being allocated to videos – yes, full-on colorful and yet very informative videos that gave NonStop a headlining starring role! In case you missed it, the video released as December came to a close is one that I am promoting as far and wide as I can and for good reason: it’s all about virtualized NonStop and the benefits it brings to mission critical applications planned for deployment on private clouds. Unimaginable only a short time ago – NonStop, on a video, talking about deployment on clouds and fully virtualized at that!

If you missed this latest video on NonStop, virtualization and private clouds, uploaded on December 16, 2019, then check out: HPE Virtualized NonStop – Bringing Mission-Critical to Private Cloud

This latest video comes almost six months after the video aimed at financial services markets uploaded May 29, 2019, that you can check out as well: HPE NonStop Solutions for Financial Services

And not quite six months previously, you may want to check out the video uploaded Jan 9, 2019: HPE NonStop Solutions: Always on and always adapting

For HPE, still a “hardware company (but where) the future looks software and services shaped,” NonStop is growing in importance. For the company’s CEO changing the conversation on lock-in as he is now doing, together with the efforts being put into marketing of NonStop, signals a positive picture developing for the NonStop portfolio. Suddenly, the forest isn’t quite the scary place it may have first appeared and the trees are becoming more readily identifiable. And NonStop is becoming one of the stronger, more visible member of the forest. Shouldn’t we all be sharing these developments with our C-level execs? Shouldn’t we all be turning to social media channels in celebration? After all, we can see 2020 clearly now and it’s not going to stop us – for sure, NonStop? Won’t stop!

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