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HPE NonStop Corner – one partner’s perspective

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hpe corner feb 2020

Ever since the first HPE NonStop Corner column was written, there has been one common theme running through them all. The theme, in case you missed it, has been the options enterprises have when it comes to deploying NonStop their way – there really are no longer any limits to how you deploy NonStop. In 2020 we will be reading about some surprising directions taken by the NonStop community – NonStop partners as well as NonStop users. The only limit really is our imagination and as HPE’s Franz Koenig continues to evangelize in presentations he gives, NonStop – (it’s all about) The Art of the Possible!

What is possible today with NonStop? When you look past the current options that now include NonStop running on Converged Systems (NS3 / NS7), on Virtualized Converged Systems (NS2) and as software, Virtualized NonStop (VNS) there are still other opportunities being considered. Perhaps the single biggest influence on the future potential of NonStop is the combination of VNS and VMware. If you have elected to deploy EL4000 / EL8000 at the Edge and are skilled with VMware configurations and have read the Hardware Architecture Guide for HPE Virtualized NonStop on VMware cover to cover, then yes, talk to your NonStop field teams to know more about how best to run VNS at the Edge!

For other enterprises that have made a major commitment to HPE Synergy it may be worth checking back in with the NonStop Product Management team about steps that have been taken to ensure there are ways to run VNS on Synergy. Now, this isn’t a directive to go out buy Synergy just for the purpose of running NonStop – by itself it might be a tad too expensive. However, if you are invested in Synergy then there is no reason not to run NonStop for those all-important mission-critical applications. This goes too for the EdgeLine products as here too it’s a case of where investments have been made in the EdgeLine products, then depending on the models being deployed there is no reason to not include NonStop as part of the rollout, particularly when it’s customer-facing applications that are planned to be run 24 x 7!

On the other hand, if you have an in-house skilled team supporting an enterprise private cloud with plans to move more and more applications from traditional systems to a private cloud then yes, NonStop can play an important role in ensuring customer-facing, mission-critical applications can run with no less availability, security, scalability than you would typically associate with NonStop when deployed on Converged Systems. The message here is very simple – it’s no longer a case of ticking off boxes on a HPE NonStop check list and making sure your NonStop system is delivered with all the features, connectivity and storage needed, but rather, it is now a case of articulating the platforms and environment chosen for these applications and seeing how best to deploy NonStop on your chosen hardware albeit today, all based on the Intel x86 architecture.

Where this leaves us is the messaging by HPE in support of NonStop in all of the above scenarios. Of late, this has begun to happen as the Mission Critical Systems (MCS) marketing team has begun promoting NonStop. First, we had videos being created and last month, the current three videos were highlighted. Have you seen the latest video featuring virtualization –



Youtube url

And if providing videos wasn’t enough incentive to scrutinize the potential for NonStop in this new age of virtualization, MCS marketing has now taken to blogging and just this past week, MCS Marketing Manager, Vikas Kapoor, posted the following to the HPE Blog –

This apparently is just the beginning as MCS Marketing will now be blogging on a regular basis – welcome to the world of social media where it all happens in real time! How long ago was it discussed at RUG events worldwide, where the theme of the discussions was centered on a desire by the NonStop community to see more marketing of NonStop being pursued by HPE? Well, looks like the HPE team took notice and today we have videos and blog posts; not too bad, as yes, it’s a beginning!

Finally, if you were puzzled by the repetition of the same url for HPE NonStop Solutions for Financial Services in the column last month, then yes, the link took you back to the virtualization video so here is the correct url –

And thanks to all those who gave us feedback on this error – and again, as a community, NonStop continues to demonstrate a thirst for information on HPE, Mission Critical Systems and NonStop and for this, your team at NonStop Insider is very appreciative. Don’t hesitate in letting us know of any topic you would like to see us cover, as yes, when it comes to a theme then we will be continuing our exploration of deployment options for NonStop at every opportunity afforded us!

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