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NSC - APR 2020 -1

HPE has been very forthcoming in its approach to information sharing during this time of a global pandemic. In no uncertain terms, the messages and posts coming from HPE have focused on how best to respond to COVID-19, to where there are few updates coming from HPE that are either product or services related. Top of the list of responses coming from HPE has been how best HPE supports its staff, its partners and its customers. What’s also apparent is that HPE CEO, Antonio Neri, is ensuring that every message conveys a sense of just how engaged the senior management of HPE is at this time.

In one of the earliest posts originating from Neri is the post of March 19, 2020, Challenging times call for clear heads, purpose-driven priorities, and a focus on communities Under the heading of CEO Antonio Neri shares his top priorities and HPE’s commitment to assess, address and adapt, Neri acknowledges that –

While we don’t yet know the full impact of the COVID-19 pandemic, we do know that it is a challenge unlike any we have faced in recent memory. I’ve learned that in volatile and uncertain times, we must focus on and prioritize the things that are within our control. This mindset is driving HPE’s response to COVID-19.

“When it comes to our customers, we remain devoted to delivering technology that will powerfully enable both breakthrough and routine experiences. We are proud that our technology and teams are being called in to help organizations address the COVID-19 crisis. From enabling medical clinics to supporting telework and remote education to powering scientific research, we are focused on delivering for customers in bold new ways in these trying circumstances.”

One clear change that has been wrought and viewed today as a necessity by all major corporations is the need for separation in the workplace. In many ways, it is just common sense to view the workplace as a potentially dangerous playground and one where the presence of a virus could spread rapidly left unchecked. HPE is fully aware of this and has responded. In the post of April 2, 2020, HPE supports growing demand for remote workforce rollouts in wake of COVID-19 impact not just support for remote work options, but the support for an optimized virtualized work place is addressed –

Recognizing the growing need to deploy or scale remote workforce infrastructure to meet stay-at-home and social distancing policies, HPE is releasing a more powerful virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) solution, and offering flexible financing terms and new pre-configured solutions to increase flexibility and accelerate delivery for customers.

“The urgent global response to COVID-19 has pressured our customers to rapidly implement and expand secure, remote work options for their organizations. I’m proud that our team at HPE is delivering a breadth of solutions, services and expertise to help our customers support their employees and operations during this critical time,” said Gerald Kleyn, vice president and general manager of Moonshot, Edge and IoT Systems at HPE.

Perhaps it should be left to HPE and its team as they help customers and communities to combat COVID-19 for one final observation –

Around the world, the COVID-19 pandemic is challenging families, businesses and communities. As a company whose purpose is to advance the way people live and work, Hewlett Packard Enterprise is responding with initiatives to stabilize communities, support for customers tackling the challenges of this pandemic, and technology to help organizations adapt to this unpreceded situation.

There are many more posts on the HPE web site on the topic of this coronavirus pandemic, all aimed at supporting the changing work place we all face. When it comes to the NonStop team, there were already many members of the team working remotely as the NonStop team is spread across the globe. In all the conversations and email exchanges of late, the NonStop team has gone to great pains to assure the NonStop community that, when it comes to development and support, we should not anticipate any reduction in either the quality or the timeliness of products or services on offer.

From its earliest days as Tandem Computers, there has been a culture founded on supporting each other and the markets NonStop serves. This culture has continued to this day and is very much in evidence today in the way HPE addresses its community, worldwide. We may think that as a community everyone working with NonStop is now widely scattered, but we all do share a common goal and that is ensuring uninterruptable service, 24 X 7 for all mission-critical applications, no matter the industries being served.


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