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HPE NonStop: Delivering seamless scale-up and scale-out for years

By Karen Copeland, Manager, Worldwide HPE NonStop Product Management




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Another post has been published to the HPE Community blog within the group, Servers & Systems: The Right Compute. If as yet you are not familiar with this HPE blog, then you should really check it out and give it your support. Within HPE it is far easier to provide pertinent information on NonStop via a blog than it is through other communications vehicles so likely you will come across valuable insights you might otherwise miss.

The topic of scalability has been one that has been addressed from the time the first NonStop system was shipped (to Citibank). However, it is well worth remembering that having the ability to scale out to enormous size and giving NonStop customers the ability to grow their systems alongside growth within their business is truly unique to NonStop and as such, is well worth revisiting and catching up on what is happening today. For many NonStop community members they may have missed that now NonStop not only scales out but for certain users, can scale up as well.   

Without further comments, here is a brief overview of the latest post to the HPE Community blog,

HPE NonStop: Delivering seamless scale-up and scale-out for years

When it comes to any activity we pursue, whether it’s baking simple cupcakes or something more complex like learning how to sail, we tend to track how we perform. It’s normal to think in terms of improving with time.

Along those same lines, when it comes to IT and how IT professionals tackle the challenges that arise in their daily jobs, the capabilities of their systems is of paramount importance.

Delivering a dominant offering, in any sphere of the business, resonates well with customers, management and shareholders. There isn’t a single enterprise that wouldn’t like to win in whatever field of endeavor it considers its core business.

To become dominant in any field of endeavor means you have outperformed your peers. It is important for the broader IT community to remember just how well the HPE NonStop architecture meets the flexible provisioning options data centers now depend upon.

To further grow the ability for NonStop to scale up, HPE recently introduced NSDC for even greater flexibility to processors’ core utilization and in doing so, relegates the task of scaling up the performance of NonStop to just a couple of commands to turn on additional cores, temporarily.

A license for NSDC is required but when in place, cores can be increased from two to four and even to six. With just a simple command if you already have two cores you can go up to four cores and should you have four cores then you can step up to six cores.

Justin Simonds, HPE master technologist, wrote of his own experiences with scaling out a large NonStop system in his July-August 2020 article in The Connection magazine, NonStop Trends & Wins: “Adding cores alone would not solve the crisis so support shipped systems over the weekend from our inventory and installed processors and storage CLIMs onto multiple production systems while they continued to run – an example of scale out.”

For the NonStop community we have understood for many years that availability is what attracts IT professionals to NonStop systems today, but it is the scalability that ensures NonStop keeps meeting performance goals set by the enterprise. This combination is unique to NonStop and as such, has led to the dominant flexibility of NonStop through the decades.

If as yet you haven’t read the post then simply click on the hyperlink above of cut and paste this url into your browser –