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Will events and meetings be making a comeback any time soon?

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HPERUG Apr 21 - 1

Ever so gradually we are hearing news from the regions where traditionally there has been very active participation in Regional User Group (RUG) meetings. While the format continues to be focused on virtual events, with the coming of spring in the northern hemisphere, as they say, could we see hope springs eternal once again?

HPERUG Apr 21 - 2

To gauge our appetite for a return to face-to-face gatherings, surveys have already started circulating, none with greater impact than the upcoming major event fort the NonStop community, TBC 2021. Planned for October 5-7, 2021, to be held in the Hilton Denver City Center there is a strong likelihood that for 2021 we may see a partial return to an in-person event. Perhaps a hybrid affair with both in-person and virtual sessions planned?

Alternatively and not withstanding virtual event burnout, the NonStop community can’t really argue over the success of this event in 2020 as it drew record participation globally, but then again, whether you call it fatigue or burnout, it would be good to “network” once again over a round or two of adult beverages.

The NonStop vendor community is being surveyed as to whether they will support in-person participation and we at NonStop Insider are very hopeful that some form of in-person participation will result. Who knows, we may even get an opportunity to head up the interstate to Ft Collins for a tour of HPE’s facility. Well, at least we can hope for something to take place along these lines.

HPERUG Apr 21 - 3

GTUG is gearing up for their first event of 2021 – its virtual GTUG NonStop Spring Conference on 27-28 April. It is being promoted as a virtual event and it has already attracted considerable vendor support and references to those providing product and business updates have been included in a number of articles in this month’s edition of NonStop Insider.

According to the GTUG web site, there will be “Current developments at HPE, technical innovations, experience from the user group and solutions to application requirements are the focus of the conference.” There will also be an opportunity to hear from Vlastimir Stankovic, the new Sales Manager EMEA – NonStop Enterprise Division, who will not only introduce himself but provide an update on “NonStop in modern IT.”

While this event will be a ZOOM virtual event, it is good to see that the NonStop community is very keen to hear more about NonStop. For more details about this event for mainly a German language event, check the web site –

HPERUG Apr 21 -4

As the BITUG committee promoted its Spring Newsletter 2021 they also provided an update of their plans for their usual Little SIG event. If you missed their email then you will have missed the news as of this month:

“Due to current pandemic situation we have decided not to create a glossy paper copy and post the newsletter to UK members. Everyone will receive only the PDF version this spring.  Hopefully we can create a paper posted version of the Autumn Newsletter for UK members.

“We will be hosting a Virtual Little SIG this year on June 22. Details will be posted on BITUG Website ( under ‘Events’ tab as soon as we have a draft agenda. We’ll also send another email to you all when registration is open.”  

HPERUG Apr 21 - 5

No update on the plans for RUG events would be complete without some reference to down under. New Zealand may have retained the Americas Cup – did you see the new age yachts competing – but it was the Aussie women cricketers who took advantage of their tour of New Zealand to extend their world record-breaking string of wins.

While there are no plans in progress that would include a return to in-person events any time soon, according to their leader, Andre Price, they are hopeful of putting on the usual September event we are hearing that perhaps, for some locals, there will be an opportunity to meet informally so keep watching the Connect web site for further updates.

There are many among us that would simply welcome a break from this global pandemic and if it all pans out then a flight down under could be the perfect remedy for the malaise that has set in for many within the NonStop community.

CTUG is still working out its plans for 2021 as are some of the domestic US groups however, for those planning to hold events in calendar quarters two and three there seems little alternative to holding them virtual. However, check with your local leadership for more details as the situation can only be described as fluid for now. Which reminds us all, in-person opportunities to network and enjoy a fluid or two has been the tradition of NonStop for decades and it’s hard to imagine it not continuing as we get deeper into the decade of 2020.

As for the photo atop the page, snapped back in 2019 at the TBC, Burlingame, when it comes to camaraderie and the bonds that form within the NonStop vendor, when was the last time you saw Xypro, comforte and CSP all sharing a beverage?

Best of health and hopefully, will enjoy the company of many of you before the ball drops for 2022!