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HPE Publishes Shadowbase BASE24 Success Story at Cartu Bank

HPE produced a new case study on Europe’s Georgian Cartu Bank




As we suspect is the case for all the vendors contributing to this month’s issue of NonStop Insider, work is well under way to ensure positive outcomes from our presence at the upcoming eBITUG user event in London. Whenever a pan-European event is held, it is considered one of the must-go-to-events, where the NonStop vendor community has opportunities to interact with a strong NonStop user community. Having equally strong participation from HPE NonStop executives and management is always a bonus, and we expect that this year’s event will prove as popular with everyone in the NonStop community as in the past.

The program is set for eBITUG, with the agenda available online at the BITUG website: On the opening night, there will be a welcome reception where Gravic will join NTI, CSP, OmniPayments, XYPRO, and comForte as hosts for the evening. Whenever you are on the floor for the event, please make sure to stop by our table at Booth #6. We would be very happy to talk with you and share ideas as to how the HPE Shadowbase product suite can best meet your business issues when it comes to matters of enhanced business continuity, data integration and synchronization, and application integration.

As for our presentations during the event, please make sure you catch us for updates on the HPE Shadowbase Synchronous Replication Feature Rollout, as well as hear us announce HPE Shadowbase Zero Data Loss (ZDL). Data loss as a result of an unplanned outage is a thing of the past with this new release. If you are interested in these topics, or indeed, want to hear more about the pros and cons of asynchronous vs synchronous replication; feature rollout sequence; architectural flow; and what to consider when using synchronous replication, then come by our booth.

Last month, HPE published a new case study, Cartu Bank ensures continuous availability of payment services for Georgian businesses. Cartu Bank understands the need for continuous availability with more than 60% of all e-commerce transactions in the Eastern European country of Georgia going through its payment switch. Read how HPE NonStop servers with HPE Shadowbase software run mission-critical BASE24 payment engines to keep the Georgian economy running 24×7. Giorgi Ioramashvili, head of Cartu Bank’s IT department, remarks, “It was important to our solution to have replication software like Shadowbase integrated with the NonStop servers. We looked at Oracle GoldenGate, which also could replicate BASE24, but because Shadowbase operates natively within the NonStop operating environment, it was more stable and easier to work with. Plus, Shadowbase was 40% to 50% less expensive than Oracle GoldenGate.”

By the time you read this update from Gravic, you will more than likely have landed in London. You may even have made it to the hotel – the DoubleTree by Hilton on Tower Hill. If you see us, then by all means, come and talk to us. Like you, we are looking forward to an enjoyable event, and your participation goes a long way in making it all that more enjoyable for everyone. If you miss visiting with us, or are not able to make it to our presentations, then feel free to contact Gravic management at