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HPE RUG events kick off in earnest – April Update

From Florida’s sunny shores to Arizona’s scorching dessert; it’s all happening for the NonStop community!

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hpe rug apr 19 - 1

The excitement generated at last month’s SunTUG has barely ended and it’s on to the next Regional User Group (RUG) meeting. Did you see the NonStop Product Roadmap presented by NonStop Worldwide Product Manager, Karen Copeland? If you wanted to cheer for NonStop, Karen gave you plenty to cheer about! By the time you read this RUG Update, the DUST event will have been held and from pictures already surfacing on social media pages it looked to be well attended, once again.

The photo (above) is of TIC Software’s Phil Ly, Blackwood Systems’ Dale Wood and HPE’s Justin Simonds – thanks for taking this photo Kathy Wood! Phil addressed that topic that is on all NonStop vendors minds, “What are you doing TODAY to ensure that your important NonStop investment will continue to be relevant in the FUTURE?” TIC Software will be present at both the upcoming GTUG and ETBC events and should you want to hear more about what Phil covered, be sure to ask the team!

hpe rug apr 19 - 2

Later this month the spotlight will be focused on New York. Perhaps, more accurately, the spotlight will be shining on Berkley Heights, New Jersey. According to OmniPayments Consultant, Peter Schvarcz “as the new lead for the NY and NJ regional NonStop / Tandem regional user group I wanted to inform those that might be interested in attending the session that we will have our event on April 30th in Berkeley Heights, New Jersey.” Email invitations have been sent out “to those on our list, but if we somehow missed you, you can register at the following link – The site includes detail on the time and location of the event, hotel information, and the agenda. Hope to see you there.” As you register you will be able to see the complete agenda for the day and if you are into SQL there’s lots of ways this topic is being covered.

hpe rug apr 19 - 3

When it comes to May the calendar looks even busier. With the exception of GTUG that will be holding their RUG event prior to ETBC both of which will be in Europe, the rest of the RUG events for May, 2019 will be scattered up and down the western hemisphere. Perhaps the most interest will be in the upcoming LATUG event to be held on Colombia. In her most recent post to LinkedIn, it was OmniPayments Adriana Malaret who posted to LinkedIn about this exciting news for the region.

“LATUG is coming back in 2019 and this year we will be holding the event in beautiful, historic Bogota, Colombia,” said Malaret. “After the success of LATUG 2018 we knew we had to bring our A-game for round 2, so we are preparing a stellar show! Don’t miss this opportunity to connect with NonStop customers from Latin America and the Caribbean region! The event will be held at the Tequendama Hotel Bogota from May 2-3, 2019. For more information and where to register (yes, it’s free) just follow this link –


It would be very lax of us not to reference the really big event to be held in Europe in May – ETBC sponsored by BITUG. It didn’t take an email from the committee to remind us of the importance of BITUG, but it was hard to miss the strong words of encouragement to be part of this spectacular event. “ETBC 2019 will be the largest NonStop end user event outside of the US in 2019, our agenda contains two full days of informative NonStop content. We have multiple sessions by senior HPE staffers, vendor presentations and end user presentations. We start each day with a Keynote,” the committee email stated.
“We are really pleased to announce that Tuesdays’ keynote speaker will be Justin Wren. Justin, a very successful ex-MMA fighter will present an inspirational talk about his early career struggles with depression and addiction which led him to his ‘Fight for the Forgotten’ initiative and what he achieved for 1,500 formerly enslaved people in the Congo. This event kicks off with the traditional BITUG Beer Bust at the Brewdog Edinburgh from 18:00 on Monday evening and we will also entertain you at the Taste of Scotland gala dinner event on Tuesday evening.” Take this opportunity to network with peers, vendors and HPE directly. You can SIGN UP HERE.
The list of upcoming RUG events has been more fully fleshed out since we published this update last month and to date, it now includes the following: