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HPE RUG events worldwide, 2018

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Even as attendees at the recent SunTUG event absorb the material covered at this event, a number of them are preparing to head to Arizona for the next big RUG event, DUST. And it really is only the beginning …

May will be a very busy time for all those making the journey to Europe as there will be major events in both London, U.K., and in Leipzig, Germany. GTUG and the European NonStop HotSpot event will be the big pan-European event this year but will welcome attendees from every part of the globe – look for a separate post from the GTUG team elsewhere in this publication.

May will also be a busy time along America’s east coast as there will be RUG events held in New England as well as closer to New York. These continue to attract a good crowd and with all the updates coming from the HPE NonStop team of late, there will be plenty of interest in hearing the news directly from the NonStop folks supporting the event.

And of course, there is HPE Discover 2018 being held here in the US (June 18-21) and while we await advance news of HPE Discover 2018 for Europe, there is a strong possibility that once again, it will be held in Madrid even as I know there are many attendees who would like to see it held closer to the coast in Barcelona!

By no means is this a comprehensive list of all events as preliminary work is being done in support of both OzTUG (Australia) and CTUG (Canada) and if you are working on putting a RUG event on for your region, please make sure you reach out to Kathy Wood of BlackWood Systems who is doing a really good job of keeping us all informed. Kathy can be reached at: Kathy K. Wood <>

For now, fortunately, the list of upcoming RUG events looks like this:

DUST – March 13
BITUG – May 9
European NonStop HotSpot – May 14-16
NENUG – May 21
NYTUG – May 23
HPE Discover June 18-21
NonStop Partner Technical Symposium – July 9
NonStop Technical Boot Camp – November 11-14

See you somewhere!