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HPE RUG gain momentum – May Update

It’s off to Edinburgh for ETBC hosted by BITUG to hear the latest from HPE and the NonStop vendor community.

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hperug may 19 - 1

Last year it was Leipzig and it seems only a short time ago, but the pages of the calendar have continued to be torn away and it’s May, 2019! Edinburgh has been the site of other NonStop events – it was spring of 1999 when I attended a European ITUG Summit event in Edinburgh that was held in the same hotel – and the choice today continues to be a good one. Apart from the golf and the whisky there will be a lot of ground covered as even a cursory glance at the event’s agenda suggests a very strong turnout from HPE and the NonStop vendor community. It will ensure there will not be a topic that isn’t addressed one way or another.

I can recall my very first European ITUG Summit. It was back in 1992 and it took place in Nice, France. I have the coffee mug with a picture of the Nice’s coastline adorning one side of the mug as evidence that I was indeed present for the event and I recall too the positive buzz that surrounded every aspect of the event. For a newbie to NonStop, it left an indelible impression. Hard to imagine that this took place more than twenty-five years ago! But here we are; as a community we remain strong and very much focused on all things NonStop. Why was I attending the Nice event? At the time I was program manager for NonStop NET/MASTER and a member of the Distributed Systems Management (DSM) Cupertino development team. Yes, it was a long time ago …

NonStop systems or, more accurately Tandem Computers, haven’t been shipping for twenty years let alone twenty five years, but the palpable buzz around the product that was so obvious all those years ago shows no signs of letting up. Walking the aisles of the exhibition hall in the Nice Acropolis, you could hear so many languages being spoken as the NonStop community had gathered together from practically every corner of the planet. Today, the audience that will be participating at this year’s ETBC may not include as many spoken languages but NonStop continues to attract a crowd. And it’s no longer the NonStop of twenty-five years ago either – so many changes have been made that you really do need to sit in on the NonStop product roadmaps to get a good idea about how far today’s NonStop systems have come even as you will get a sneak peek at where HPE will likely be taking the product in the near future.

hperug may 19 -2

As a community, we may not be spread as widely across the planet as was the case back in 1992 but as the map created by Connect and used in recent presentations by NonStop product managers now reveals – it’s not too shabby. From the reports already in from some parts of the planet there have been good events held in the far east even as last year closed with meetings down under. So here’s the thing: NonStop users may not be as numerous as they once were – M&A activity among financial institutions and the telco community have seen to that – but the transaction volumes being processed today are a far cry from what we saw back in 1992. While numbers may be hard to come by when individual corporations are processing in excess of a billion transactions a month, it wouldn’t be too big a stretch to claim one, maybe two orders of magnitude (or even more) of transactions are being processed by the new, modern NonStop systems.

As a community too we have so much to look forward to at ETBC but then there are many more events following in 2019. As we are publishing this May, 2019, issue of NonStop Insider we have as yet not heard back from those organizing the NYTUG and the LATUG. When we get updates, which should happen in the weeks ahead, we will make sure we include them in the next issue of NonStop Insider. In the meantime, for many of us it will be on to the biggest event of the year – HPE Discover 2019 in Las Vegas. Hope to see you there!