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HPE RUGs 2020 “season” is on track to provide new experiences – welcome to virtual events!

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HPE RUG JUNE 2020 - 1

Have we scaled the mountains? Can we see the far horizon? What’s actually happening out there and yes, are we there yet? So many questions that, as a community, it’s not unreasonable to expect that our journey has still ways to go! Even as many of us were thinking that the end to the global pandemic was coming into view more chaos developed on our doorstep. It’s fair to say that the NonStop community has always been about unconditional inclusion, even though we have had a stark reminder that this journey is taking twists and turns we didn’t anticipate as recently as last month.

Before providing further updates on upcoming events, it’s worth quoting from the latest memo  from Antonio Neri now in wide circulation where he closes with the following:

“While we continue to do what we can to be the change we know the world needs, please also take time for yourselves. Over the next several days, we will host listening sessions to hear your thoughts, concerns and what’s on your minds.

“Please be safe and be well.”

At a time when we are all very much concerned about coming together to participate in RUG events that are taking on a new and untried format, it is encouraging that HPE is taking a timeout to listen. How often do we hear the demands to be heard? Here we have a corporation setting an example that perhaps it is time to simply stay quiet and observe. After all, as one HPE influencer remarked just a matter of a few days ago, we do have one mouth but two ears. It has to mean something!

HPE Rug june 2020 -2

With the transition to working from home and to signing up for virtual events, how adventurous have we been with the upgrades to our home offices?  The NonStop community is at least a community that knows how to network and virtual or otherwise, we aren’t going to miss out on participation in upcoming events, no matter the format. We can learn, we can share, we can even toast each other on conclusion of the virtual meeting but most of all we are enjoying a level of participation that until now had been foreign for almost all of us.

Having said this, the willingness of RUG leaders to keep on trying new ways to support their respective communities is truly remarkable. And encouraging to see! Point is, we all want to be safe and we all want to be well and it may be a situation that tries your patience at times, but at least there are options. We have the ability to choose where we will “congregate” and at what time and for that, the efforts being made by our RUG leaders must be acknowledged. Great work!

As for the 2020 Calendar of events, here it is and changes /updates have been made so make sure you keep checking with your local HPE NonStop team members as there may be still more updates to come.

Starting with June –

HPE Rug june 2020 -3