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HPE RUGs – August Update

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hpe rug sep 19 - 1

As this issue of NonStop Insider goes to press, as it were, the OzTUG event planned for the two biggest state capital cities in Australia – Sydney and Melbourne – will have been held. Early indications coming from emails just received suggest it was a very successful event. Many members of the NonStop vendor community made the trip “down under”, where for the Sydney event it was reported as having been “a good event with almost 90 attendees!”

When you look at the agenda put together by the OzTUG committee with the help of HPE’s David Gillbanks, participating vendors made sure there was coverage provided of a significant cross section of product offerings. According to those present, when it came to the Sydney event, it was a particularly lively affair with more questions coming from the floor than in similar events held in previous years.

hpe rug sep 19 - 2

Fortunately, the networking among the NonStop community continued on through the early evening and the dinner closing the event was well attended, but then again, any opportunity for a night out on Sydney’s Circular Quay was always going to be a crowd pleaser. One table, captured in the photo above, is a good reminded of just how deep the ties to Sydney go as this was home to the development of both ICE and uLinga as well as other products like TOP and Prognosis. Lots of talent and lots of experience seated at this table!

hpe rug sep 19 - 3

Also of note is that as this issue of NonStop Insider is being finalized, the NonStop Partner Symposium planned for San Jose at the new HPE headquarters building will also be held. It will be interesting to see how many returning vendors from the trip down under make it back in time to participate. This has become an annual event put on by the HPE NonStop team and is done in advance of the NonStop Technical Boot Camp in order to give vendors time to plan responses and as has happened in the past, pulled together announcements of new development projects.

The upcoming ATUG event in Atlanta will then become the first RUG event following the NonStop Partner Symposium and it is highly anticipated that a number of vendors will take advantage of this opportunity to cover in broad terms some of what was discussed in San Jose just a week earlier. To participate in the NonStop Partner Symposium vendors have had to sign strict confidentiality agreements so any presentations addressing this event will be light on details but all the same, you will be able to guess from the smiles they provide how well the event went for them even as any enthusiasm for NonStop on display will be difficult to ignore!

For all other upcoming events, take a look below at the list and yes, as always, should you be aware of other RUG events that might be planned and aren’t included in this list, make sure you let us know in time for the next issue of NonStop Insider –