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HPE RUGs – October Update

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HPE RUG Nov 19 - 1

Now that we have time to look back over our shoulder at all that transpired at this year’s NonStop Technical Boot Camp (TBC) 2019 are we looking forward now to what’s to come? For the first time, we are adding the year to the dates promoting upcoming events and already there is an air of anticipation about partners, products, services and blog posts to come featuring further expansion of the NonStop community – NonStop vendors, consultants and analysts, HPE employees and of course, most important of all, NonStop customers! For many of us, seeing the addition of a strong contingent from the Asia-Pacific / Japan region at this most recent of TBC events was very encouraging and hopefully an indicator of even greater participation in the future. Our congratulations to all those within HPE that contributed to making this happen – well done!

HPE RUG Nov 19 - 2

We are excited too to hear that there are plans for TBC beyond 2020. Ending some second-guessing among the NonStop vendor community, it’s all been settled. For the event in 2021 it will be held in Denver, Colorado, and in October rather than November. If it’s been a while since you were last downtown in Denver you will be in for a surprise as the place really jumps after dark. And to think just up the road you have access to Boulder and Ft Collins – now that the ATC is centered in Ft Collins we are wondering whether there will be tours of this new facility. Then too there are a members of the NonStop community who live and work along Colorado’s front ranges – from Colorado Springs to Cheyenne, Wyoming – so we are expecting that in 2021 there may be many unfamiliar faces showing up to make this event truly an event to remember.

HPE RUG Nov 19 - 3

Returning to what will take place before the year runs down and we are staring at the calendar for 2020 there will be a couple more Regional User Group (RUG) meetings – BITUG’s Little SIG in London coming very soon followed by DUST in Arizona. Both of these have had promotional emails already dispatched and if you are in the area, make sure you find time to join as there’s always a warm welcome extended to everyone that turns up. This is the final year for current BITUG Chairman, Collin Yates of TCM, so make sure you thank him for the effort he put into ensuring the success of BITUG events this year – and yes, ETBC, Edinburgh was a huge success by our books.

HPE RUG Nov 19 - 4

Will there be traditional summer gatherings down under? Not sure at this point but it wouldn’t be a surprise to read of such a happening. The latest news from HPE’s David Gillbanks is that he is hopeful that he can provide an update shortly so to all you antipodeans, best to stay tuned for further news. For us in the northern hemisphere, hunkered down in the chill of winter, we are envious of your sunny days by the beach!

As we watch NonStop RUG events continue to grow in popularity as attendance at all those where we had the opportunity to participate had bigger audiences than past year, it’s also a reminder of just how global the community has become – including these pictures was just a reminder that there is almost nowhere in the world where there isn’t a RUG event being held. Tell me as we must have missed the memo – when did London’s skyline grow to rival Shanghai? Enjoy the upcoming events and make sure you thank all those volunteers without whose help none of this would have happened.



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