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HPE RUGs – September Update

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Three NonStop community events dominated the calendar in September and while one of these events wasn’t really a Regional User Group (RUG) meeting, nevertheless it is good to know that the NonStop community is enjoying a flow of information that really highlights just how far NonStop as a product line has come in a relatively short period of time. No guessing needed for those drawing up plans for their next application to be deployed on NonStop as the NonStop stack – for traditional NonStop X systems as well as for virtualized NonStop – looks rock solid.


The NonStop Partner Symposium

hrug oct 19 -1

I can think of no more fitting opening for this update than to show a race car. In this instant, it’s a “shell” of Lewis Hamilton’s F1 stead, courtesy of Mercedes Benz / AMG. It’s a shell as I dropped to the floor and looked up the exhaust pipe only to observe, no engine! But all the same, a wonderful piece of art with which to decorate your lobby! The new HPE Head Quarters provided a great backdrop for all that followed as the HPE NonStop team took center stage to outline its plans for NonStop in front of a large gathering of the NonStop vendor community.

While details of material covered by the NonStop team cannot be shared with the larger NonStop community at this time, it’s safe to say attendees left with the clear understanding that investments in NonStop continue – yes, your investments in NonStop X and virtualized NonStop (vNS) are on solid ground. And while I cannot speak for the other attendees, I am pleased with the effort NonStop Product Management and Development made to ensure their partners now know in advance (and can better prepare) for what will likely be talked about at the upcoming NonStop Technical Boot Camp.

This event was well attended and a number of executives were present in support of the NonStop team. These included Jeff Kyle, HPE VP & GM Mission Critical Solutions, and his manager Neil MacDonald, Senior Vice President & General Manager, Compute Solutions Business Unit. As for the cocktail reception following the event it was good to see as many attendees as there were present for conversations that went long into the night! The race car on display in the lobby of the new HPE HQ may have been a hollowed out shell, but when it comes to NonStop and what the NonStop team shared, it was all substance!


ATUG, Atlanta

hrug oct 19 -2

Coming as soon as it did after the NonStop Partner Symposium, ATUG this month benefited from a presentation by Jeff Kyle. Many of us have had the opportunity to talk to Jeff over the years but on this occasion, Jeff gave a 45 minute update that covered a lot of ground and indeed, kept the audience amused. I don’t know what it is with large US cities and their infrastructure –we had partners miss the Partner Symposium because of runway maintenance at San Francisco airport that resulted in flights being cancelled and then in Atlanta, highway maintenance held up many of the locals such that the start of the meeting was delayed.

The picture above is of me giving a vendor update but don’t be put off by the audience participation – put it down to a mix of bad angle and yes, it was almost a next to last presentation. The good news, infrastructure difficulties not withstanding as there was a better turnout by members of the NonStop community than I have seen in a while. Good to see, Atlanta!


CTUG, Mississauga Ontario, Canada  

Lots of familiar faces turned out for the latest two day CTUG event held in the offices of HPE in Mississauga, Ontario. HPE NonStop team members showed up in force with Ken Goldman, Meg Watson, Keith Moore and Franz Koenig all participating in presentations. Timing this year was such that I was unable to attend but if you would like to know more about the event, feel free to contact Dave Harper –

hrug oct 19 -3


Plans for the annual NonStop Technical Boot Camp are well under way with the most notable change being the unfortunate cancellation by keynote speaker, Dr. Tim Chou. This is indeed unfortunate as attendees who last heard Chou speak truly enjoyed it and will have heard him introduce us all to the term, “digital exhaust.” On the other hand, the NonStop Product Management team is looking to add additional tracks and to provide more HPE focused content so stay tuned for more details to appear shortly.

If the presentations at the recently held NonStop Partner Symposium are any guide as to what to expect at this event, make sure you register for this November 3 – 6, 2019 event. It’s sure looking like an event not to be missed! As for the good news, the recent airport runway closures are now behind us so that jetting into an out of San Francisco airport should not present attendees with any problems at this time. Of course, there will still be those attendees who prefer to drive to this event so to each of them, safe travels!

Potential highlights? NonStop U40 is hosting a Hackathon at the Boot Camp Sunday afternoon from 2-4pm. This will be followed by the Registration Party that will be held from 4-6pm in the foyer outside the Exhibit Hall with the Exhibit Hall hosting the Beer Bust from 6-8pm.


… and advance news about SunTUG

If you haven’t notice the SunTUG committee have begun emailing the NonStop community with early information about their upcoming big event (and social outing to the golf course) already. It will be held on February 28, 2020 and yet again, you can join your fellow attendees at the DoubleTree by Hilton Hotel at the Tampa Airport.

Teri Sears, President, SunTUG / Connect Florida included in his initial email distribution, news about the registration for the 2020 SunTUG Sunshine Summit Vendor and Golf Registration opening on Monday, 23 September 2019 at Noon Eastern Time. Should you require additional information then links to both are included below:

2020 SunTUG Sunshine Summit Vendor Registration.

Click on the DETAILS button for information on ticket types and prices.

2020 SunTUG Sunshine Summit Golf Tournament.

Click on the DETAILS button for information on sponsorship types and prices.


For all other upcoming events, take a look below at the list and yes, as always, should you be aware of other RUG events that might be planned and aren’t included in this list, make sure you let us know in time for the next issue of NonStop Insider –



MexTUG (Mexico City) – 10/17



NonStop TBC (San Francisco) – 11/3 – 11/6



BITUG (Barclays Bank offices in London) – 12/3

DUST – 12/4


February, 2020

SunTUG Sunshine Summit – 02/28