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HPE Shadowbase Compare – Unrivaled Capabilities



GRAVIC MAY 2020 -2

HPE Shadowbase Compare is designed to provide you with accurate information describing the consistency between two copies of your HPE NonStop data, regardless of the block or file/table structure, partitioning, index or alternate key layouts, etc. The data being compared does not require the files/tables to match in structure, which allows the data to be different and provides advanced availability when performing zero downtime migrations.

GRAVIC MAY 2020 -1

Shadowbase Compare provides information at the file/table aggregate level, as well as down to the individual records/rows, and fields/columns. It is impossible to resolve or repair data issues when you do not know the primary keys of the offending records/rows and the specific data content that mismatches!

Shadowbase Compare supports verifying your Enscribe, SQL/MP, and SQL/MX datasets, and is most commonly used in business continuity architectures to provide assurance that the data is consistent. It works alongside any data replication product. It supports comparing active and off-line databases, in all BC architectures (active/passive, sizzling-hot-takeover, and active/active), regardless of where the data is being updated. It integrates with the Shadowbase data replication engine to eliminate any “false-positive” comparisons that can otherwise occur due to replication latency.

Shadowbase Compare is fast, using advanced data compression algorithms to reduce network traffic and improve efficiency. Our SQL/MP and SQL/MX features and comparisons are unrivaled, and we are working to enhance the performance of our Enscribe comparisons to incorporate the same technologies. Shadowbase Compare easily installs into database environments without application modification, and leverages NonStop fundamentals to provide parallelism and to scale even the largest of comparisons.

HPE Shadowbase Repair is a feature that assists with correcting or repairing SQL/MP or SQL/MX database discrepancies between two tables. It works on any two database tables, provided they are both of the same type (MP or MX), and does not require the Shadowbase replication engine. Shadowbase Repair is also particularly useful in BC data replication environments, where it reads Shadowbase Compare’s table of differences, and repairs the discrepancies when the data do not match.

Talk with us or your HPE account representative to learn how easy it is to audit your NonStop data and prove your data’s consistency.


HPE Shadowbase Solutions Available for Attunity EOSL Product Replacement

GRAVIC MAY 2020 -3

Customers recently approached us several times as they searched for a replacement product for their Attunity Connect and Attunity Replicate products that are reaching end-of-service-life (EOSL). HPE Shadowbase uses a data replication/data integration architecture to replace these Attunity products, and has experience successfully replacing Attunity at a number of customer sites.

The two most popular HPE Shadowbase architectures to replace Attunity Connect are:

In the first, HPE Shadowbase replicates the customer’s Enscribe data on-platform into an SQL/MX database. Remote applications can then use ODBC/MX, JDBC, etc. to access the NonStop-based SQL/MX data. This architecture most closely matches the customer’s original Attunity Connect approach.

In the second, HPE Shadowbase replicates the customer’s Enscribe data off-platform to another platform/database, e.g., to Linux/Oracle or Windows/SQL Server, and then the customer’s applications access the data locally.

Replacing Attunity Replicate with HPE Shadowbase is also very straight-forward, regardless if the data was being replicated NonStop/NonStop, NonStop to/from some other platform, etc.  HPE Shadowbase has powerful utilities to aid in the data format/schema conversions, for data cleansing, transformation, and filtering.

Please visit this case study where a customer recently replaced Attunity Connect with HPE Shadowbase. If you are facing a similar issue, please contact us or your HPE account team to discuss your requirements and timeline.


Gravic Publishes Cover Story on Shadowbase Synchronous Replication

GRAVIC MAY 2020 -4

Gravic published the cover story, Shadowbase Software: Synchronous Replication, in the March/April edition of The Connection. Jonathan Ziegler, Gravic’s Senior Manager of Product Development for the Shadowbase Products Group, discusses Shadowbase software synchronous data replication for Zero Data Loss (ZDL), as well as the business continuity continuum. Data loss is one of the main issues whenever an unplanned outage of an IT service occurs.

Enhancing asynchronous replication, Shadowbase ZDL uses a patented method of synchronous replication, which eliminates the possibility of data loss caused by a disaster – potentially saving a business a huge expense, preserving lives, upholding its reputation, preventing lawsuits, and satisfying zero data loss regulatory requirements. Jonathan explains how he and the entire Gravic team are working to overcome the challenges involved with such important technology to avoid the significant costs from data loss!


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Gravic and Shadowbase Support is Available During the Pandemic

We are concerned for all of our friends in the HPE and Connect communities and pray that they remain safe through this unprecedented and dangerous situation! For the duration of the COVID-19 Pandemic, Gravic and its Shadowbase Products Group are open and operating with remote support and access. To reach Shadowbase Support, please use your normal Support contact information or use Support. Please use Contact Us for all other inquiries.

Hewlett Packard Enterprise globally sells and supports Shadowbase solutions under the name HPE Shadowbase. For more information, please contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or visit our website. For additional information, please view our Shadowbase solution videos: