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HPE Shadowbase software supports DB2 as a source

Gravic introduces a new HPE Shadowbase release targeting DB2 as a source for data integration – a solution that IT operations are anxious to pursue as hybrid IT grows




The presence of IBM mainframes alongside HPE NonStop systems should not be a surprise for anyone in the NonStop community. From the earliest use-cases developed when NonStop systems, formerly Tandem Computers, were introduced into the marketplace, their acceptance as intelligent front-ends to networks running 24×7 operations almost always involved an IBM mainframe on the back-end. Many protocols and services available today had their origins in simplifying communications between NonStop and the IBM mainframe.

As protocol communications matured through the years, it became even more important to ensure data present on one platform could be easily accessed on another, which often involved transferring files between the two platforms. Products like Network Data Mover (now called Connect:Direct), ETI’s BCOM file transfer product, XCOM 6.2, and eventually MQSeries (now called IBM MQ), all contributed to the movement of such files. However, when it came to better models for data integration, a number of new products emerged which directly populated databases from reading logs and audit trails. These products based their processing on what is now referred to as change data capture techniques.

HPE Shadowbase software can now replicate from DB2 on any IBM platform/environment to any of the supported HPE Shadowbase target environments and databases, including HPE NonStop, Oracle, Microsoft Windows, Linux, Unix, AS/400, and z/OS. (Please speak with your HPE Shadowbase representative for databases and platforms that may be available, but not included in this list.) The new release also includes replicating DB2 data into nontraditional non-database targets, e.g., MQ series, JMS, fraud detection systems, flat-files, real-time business intelligence solutions, and other messaging targets. This latest release includes support for DB2 databases resident on z/OS IBM mainframe environments, as well as DB2 on AIX, Linux, Windows, etc.

HPE Shadowbase has long been able to replicate NonStop data into DB2 databases, including DB2 on IBM mainframes. Gravic continues to demonstrate leadership and commitment via this latest release that adds support for replicating DB2 data from these DB2 environments to any of the supported Shadowbase target environments, including HPE NonStop. HPE Shadowbase software refines the processing and dramatically improves the support for DB2 as a source in these data replication environments. With the announcement of this latest release, HPE Shadowbase makes it easy and cost effective to integrate your DB2 databases with your other data processing environments.

IT continues to move to hybrid IT that involves mixes of traditional systems with virtual systems and both public and private clouds. Gravic Executive Vice President Paul J. Holenstein says, “Having HPE Shadowbase support a major IBM database product like DB2 ensures that data integration can be pursued no matter the source or target, and in the most complex of hybrid IT environments. This release will prove invaluable to many HPE Shadowbase customers as they continue to progress along the hybrid IT path.” For further information about this release, contact your local HPE Shadowbase representative or for more information.