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Improving NonStop Optics and Appeal




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Just recently CAIL forwarded a NonStop update to the community with options to further improve information services – to increase platform profile and value within their business. Expressed another way, this is about highlighting NonStop is the real deal in supporting mission critical applications and improving business outcomes.

Further, with the message sent to Customer organizations and HPE, this enables everyone to be aware there are “Client centric“ as well as “Server centric“ options to move NonStop systems forward.  And to build on HPE presence in the enterprise, this is an opportunity for HPE and Partners to collaborate for advantage with more solutions and more ways to demonstrate a compelling NonStop value proposition. And how the platform should be strategic to the future of any organization wanting to increase their relevance and revenue!

In conjunction with this, there have been many events of late from San Francisco to Madrid where HPE is articulating their message to a broader audience. With HPE and Customer organizations evolving, and the need to continue addressing new requirements and making good on opportunities, the priority remains the same – let’s expand NonStop presence and raise the bar in the mission critical marketplace. Steps have been taken that help do this – NonStop now can be viewed as another yet very important virtualized workload even as the platform can run in clouds and support blockchain initiatives with the deep port of R3: Corda that capitalizes on the benefits inherent with NonStop SQL/MX.

So, what were the topics included in the CAIL email? According to Ron Thompson they were designed to make it easy and quick to move systems forward – that enable NonStop to deliver more benefits by leveraging the investment and familiarity in current information services by –


If you missed seeing the email or haven’t yet given it consideration, then take another look. Extending on this, you are welcome to contact CAIL to discuss the options to further improve NonStop information services and increase NonStop value to the organization – with new capabilities, to simplify systems, reduce costs, make NonStop integral in the enterprise, etc.


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