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In an environment where change is constant, monitoring is critical to success

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Over 90% of the world’s data has been created in the past 2 years.

The velocity of change in the business world has never been greater. And it’s increasing all the time. Technological advances and an insatiable demand for instant gratification is shaping our world.

In an environment where change is constant, monitoring is critical to success. Bring disparate sources of data, appliances, metrics and events into a single product. Business value dashboards reflect the metrics that drive your entire organisation.

Monitoring has been core to our innovation for almost 30 years. The world’s most demanding organisations depend on Insider Technologies to manage big data.


System Monitoring

When a performance issue arises, there are 4 main areas to consider: CPU, Memory, Disk I/O, and Network. And time is of the essence.

Get centralised alerting, escalation, intervention, tracking and reporting tools from a single console view.

Collect data from many sources: payment logs, system components, application events, log files. Interpret their affect on your service provision.

Real-time views mean that service levels are always maintained. Historical data mining and reporting capability enables efficient resource allocation and capacity planning.

Increased depth of monitoring and intelligent data handling provides relevant data. This is  available in either real-time or historical formats. Informed decision-making improves your response to problems. You can plan improvements for the future. Automate and centralise labour-intensive tasks. Improve resource utilisation and reduces total cost of ownership (TCO).

Automated alerting to service threats (payment platform, system and application) and SLA violations are available through email, SMS, SNMP trap, script files, batch files.

Deliver intelligent escalation of alerts to TIVOLI™, HP Operations Center™, HP ServiceDesk™, BMC Performance Manager™ and Reflex, e.g. payment switch / interchange reduced transaction traffic. Program automated problem resolution, e.g.  restarting of failed applications and processes.


Transaction Monitoring

When transactions slow or become delayed, the repercussions are significant. Financial penalties, poor brand reputation – even lost customers. Uninterrupted transactions are the financial lifeblood to any company.

Get full visibility of transaction processing for Payments, ATM, POS and EMS alert monitoring.

The transaction monitoring module provides payment card industry compliant, real-time monitoring and archiving of the transaction flow information created by payment and transaction applications such as Atlas GBS, NCR Authentic, and LUSIS Tango.

View online, accurate metrics about the status of the transactional payment or ATM and POS networks systems. Prevent sustained costly lowering of interchange / switch activity. Proactive identification of Vendor, ATM, POS, Network and Interchange problems, while minimizing staff involvement.

Generate income for payment, POS / ATM service providers by offering new real-time, secured browser transaction information to registered clients. Be in a position to observe and tell each member bank what the success rate of their transactions are.

Dashboards instantly display key business indicators affected by XPNET devices, middleware, faults, downtime, communications errors etc. Floating gauges, dials, bar charts, line charts, pie charts, tables all available for executive review and analysis of transaction data.

Provide role-based data and readouts to all levels of operations and management. Improve efficiency with customized alerts to SMS, Pager, Email, SNMP, or Enterprise Managers. Get real time view with our new mobile app, Lighthouse.

Deliver all-embracing, business-driven management that controls, reports and automates corrective actions BEFORE your users call and tell you that you have a problem with your payment systems.

These are just two of the monitoring facilities that are on offer from Insider Technologies to help modernize HPE NonStop. We are constantly developing new services that reflect the challenges faced by the NonStop community. Get in touch to see what we can do to help sweat your NonStop asset.


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+44 161 868 6658